Tribute paid to the Kazak poet Abay Kunanbayev and the Kyrgyz author Chingis Aitmatov in Hungary

Thursday, 16 June 2022

Within the framework of its official visit to Hungary, a delegation of TURKSOY headed by its Secretary General  Sultan Raev laid a garland at the statue of the Kazak poet and composer Abay Kunanbay in the park named after the world famous Kyrgyz author Chingis Aytmatov in Budapest. 

TURKSOY Secretary General Sultan Raev who said that such official visits regularly carried do not only contribute to raise awareness but also offer major  opportunities to commemorate illustrious personalities of the Turkic World  further stressed that: “It is our most important duty to comemorated and pay tribute to the memory of our ancestors who contributed to the enrichment of our cultural heritage. Hence, we will try to do so as good as we can  in every visit and every tour we will be carrying out. It is a tradition we cherish and support in our countries to build statues of illustrious authors, intellectuals and artists of our countries and name parks after them. Our pioneers Abay Kunanbay and Chingis Aitmatov who now live on in Hungary through this statue and park  have left undelible traces in the history of our culture and art. Their names entered the history of the Turkic World in golden letters. Hence, with this visit of our  delegation, we have paid tribute to the precious memory of these two illustrious personalities of ours."