The famous Hungarian turcologist Prof. Ármin Vámbéry was commemorated in TURKSOY Headqarters on the 190th anniversary of his birthday

Wednesday, 06 April 2022

A meeting to introduce the "Biographical Encyclopedia of Hungarian Turcologists" was held in the Conference Hall of TURKSOY Headquarters in commemoration of the 190th anniversary of the birthday of the famous Hungarian turcologist Prof. Ármin Vámbéry.

Prior to the event, protocol members inaugurated the photography exhibition entitled "The Migration of Hungarians from Ural Mountains to the Carpathian Basin  and their Settlement Therein" in the foyer of TURKSOY Headquarters.

In the opening speech he delivered at the event dedicated to the 190th anniversary of the birthda of Prof. Ármin Vámbéry the Deputy Secretary General of TURKSOY  Assoc. Prof.  Dr. Bilal Çakıcı said that TURKSOY carries out many activities in its member countries as well as in major cultural and artistic venues of countries related thereto through their historical and cultural ties therewith. Deputy Secretary General Çakıcı further sressed that the cooperation between Hungary and TURKSOY which was already based on strong historical ties they already had, have become even stronger  in the recent past and now reached an institutional level hence also strongly contributing to the cultural rapprochement among our peoples through joint activities carried out within the framework ofn this cooperation.

Deputy Secretary General Çakıcı who also stressed that the great Hungarian turcologist  Prof. Ármin Vámbéry whom this commemorative meeting is dedicated to has left behind a major heritage to the Turkic World in the field of turcology further added that: “Vámbéry, the great scholar of Hungary whose work is considered as one of the  cornerstones of turcology has made strong contributions to turcology studies as well as to the scientific, cultural and spiritual evolution of our peoples  with expeditions he made to various places of the Turkic World in the middle of the 19th century.” 


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bilal Çakıcı who also touched upon the "Small Biographical Encyclopedia of Hungarian Turcologists" published in cooperation of  TURKSOY with the Embassy of Hungary with the  Hungarian Cultural Center of the Liszt Institute in Istanbul further said: “Today, we will also introduce a very special work to you, namely the "Small Biographical Encyclopedia of Hungarian Turcologists" which is the first work of its kind. This encyclopedia features biographies and masterpieces of the founders of Hungarian turcology  from Hungarian turcologists and Ottoman historians to current turcologists.”

Mr. Gábor Fodor who touched upon studies and activities carried out by Ármin Vámbéry and his successors in the field of turcology  until today said that the book has been published in cooperation with TURKSOY and reflects the strong foundation of Hungarian turcology which they have prepared together with key scholars thereof.

The speeches were followed bya ceremony in which protocol members cut the ribbon of the "Small Biographical Encyclopedia of Hungarian Turcologists".

The event went on with a film on Prof. Ármin Vámbéry hich was followed by the presentation of papers by scholars of the Turkic World and officials of Hungary and TURKSOY namely: Prof. Dr. Marufjon Yuldashev from the State Insitute of Art and Civilization of Uzbekistan, Prof. Dr. Mustafa S. Kaçalin from the Department of Turkish and Social Sciences of the Ataturk Faculty of Education of the Marmara University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erdal Çoban from the Department of Western Languages and Literature of the Faculty of Language History and Geography of the Ankara University, the Consul General of Hungary in Istanbul Mr. László Keller and the Expert of TURKSOY on Siberian Studies  Dr. Timur B. Davletov.

The meeting ended with the handing over of plaquettes, certificates of appreciation and Honour Medals of Ármin Vámbéry to participants as a remembrance of the day and in recognition of their contribution to turcology.