Gift of TURKSOY for Gagauz children

Saturday, 08 January 2022

The book of tales published in cooperation of  TURKSOY with the Gagauz M.V. Marunevich Scientific Research Center  in Gagauz language and entitled “Kurt-Kuş Dünnesi”  was presented in a meeting held in the Headquarters of ther organization.

The publication featuring many tales and short stories by 23 authors of Gagauzia is a contribution of TURKSOY to the preservation and development of the language of Gagauz children. The opening speeches of the presentation meeting were delivered by  TURKSOY Secretary General Dusen Kasseinov, the MP of the Parliament of Moldova Ivanna Köksal and the Chairman of the Turkey-Moldova Friendship Association Eyüp Gökhan Özekin.

In the speech he delivered, Secretary General Kasseinov said that TURKSOY pursues its activities aiming at the promotion of the rich culture and art of the Turkic World on a global scale and the transmission thereof to future generations. Mr. Kasseinov further added that the Gagauz  Turkic people also attach great importance to culture and art and therefore TURKSOY organized an event to introduce the first issue of the Journal of the Association of Gagauz Authors  as well as the book by the famous author Konstantin Kurtoğlu entitled “Avcı Annatmaları”.

Secretary General Kasseinov who also expressed his pleasure to have come together with authors and writers of Gagauzia and the Turkic World on the occasion of the presentation of the book “Kurt-Kuş Dünnesi” featuring Gagauz tales further added: “I do believe that this publication which will contribute to the preservation of the language of the Gagauz people as well as to the enrichment of the literature of Turkic peoples will also help raise further awareness of the Gagauz people regarding their language and transmit it to future generations.”

The MP of the Parliament of Moldova Mrs. Ivanna Köksal who also said a few words expressed the appreciation of the Gagauz people regarding the fact that the presentation of the book of Gagauz tales has been the very first event held in TURKSOY Headquarters, the home of Turkic World culture and art  in 2022 and thanked all those who contributed to the publication of thisbook which the Gagauz children had been looking forward to since 2016.

Mrs. Köksal who especially expressed her gratitude to TURKSOY as it has made it possible for this long awaited publication to be issued v further said: “Finally , we are holding this wonderful book in our hands. It has not only tales in it but also wonderful drawings. Now, we will take it and distribute it to our children, schools and libraries in Gagavuzia. This will be a great contribution to the preservation of our language as our children will have the opportunity to read Gagauz tales in their own language.”

Mr. Eyüp Gökhan Özekin stressed the importance attached by the Gagauz people living in the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia in the Republic of Moldova to their language.

The opening speeches were followed by the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the book “Kurt-Kuş Dünnesi”.

Following the video greetings by the Director of the Gagauz M.V. Marunevich Scientific Research Center  Mrs. Irina Konstantinova and Mr. Petr Chebotar who works at the center and prepared the book, various paper presentations were made regarding the book.

Other participants who took the floor at the event were  the Folklorist and academic staff member of the Komrat State University Lubov Chimpoesh, the Chairman of the Eurasian Authors’ Union Dr. Yakup Ömeroğlu, the researcher and author Dr. Irfan Unver Nasrattinoğlu and the poet, translator and Chairman of the Turkic World Research Center of the Republic University Kenan Çarboğa who touched upon the drafting process of the book, the preservation and development of Gagauz language and the importance of the mother tongue in the evolution process of children as well as in national literature.

The event ended with the display of a video featuring the congratulation message of children from Gagauzia (Moldova) which was followed by a group photograph taken as a remembrance of the day.