80th anniversary of the birthday of Hasan Demirci, the famous musician from Tabriz, commemorated in TURKSOY Headquarters

Thursday, 30 December 2021

The famous musician, composer, teacher, poet and author from Tabriz Hasan Demirci was commemorated in an event held by TURKSOY in Ankara on the 80th anniversary of his birthday.

The commemorative event held in TURKSOY Headquarters on December 29th, 2021 gathered scholars and intellectuals as well as art lovers from various regions of the Turkic World.

Participants who delivered speeches at the event were  the Representative of Azerbaijan to TURKSOY, Mr. Elçin Gafarlı, the MP from Istanbul Mr. Şamil Ayrım, the Chairman of the Eurasian Authors’ Union Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yakup Ömeroğlu as well as  Dr. Rıza Heyet from the  Ankara University along with the poet, author and art director Azeryar Danişver.

In the opening speech he delivered at the event, Mr. Elçin Gafarlı stressed the rich cultural heritage of Turkic peoples and said that there are many illustrious personalities of the Turkic World who became world famous and that Hasan Demirci, a famous Turkic musician  from  Tabriz, Azerbaijan is undoubtedly one of them.

Mr. Gafarlı further said that Hasan Demirci who dedicated his life to the the preservation of the traditional music of Azerbaijan through its transmission to young generations also composed many works  and reached major achievements in this regard which is why TURKSOY commemorates him  with respect and gratitude.

The MP from Istanbul and Chairman of the Azerbaijan-Turkey Interparliamentary Friendship Group of the Grand National Assembly of the Republic of Turkey Mr. Şamil Ayrım who attended the commmemorative panel dedicated to  “Hasan Demirci on the 80th anniversary of his birthday” said that despite the fact that Hasan Demirci lived in a troublesome period  he was a patriot who  made great sacrifices to preserve the national music of  Azerbaijan. Mr. Ayrım who stressed that during the Soviet Era, Demirci committed himself to music and listened to programmes and music performances  broadcasted on the radio in Baku to foster his knowledge in this field also shared one of his remembrances from his own childhood which he spent in Iğdır and said that his parents and family also used to listen to programmes broadcasted on the radio of Azerbaijan during the Soviet Era.

The Chairman of the Eurasian Authors’ Union  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yakup Ömeroğlu who said that he had the opportunity to get acquainted with Mr. Hasan Demirci and his activities at a cultural event held in Ankara further stressed that Demirci left a major legacy behind in terms of music education.

Dr. Rıza Heyet, the Chairman of the Tabriz Research Institute (TEBAREN) and staff member of the Ankara University who gave comprehensive information on works and activities carried out by Hasan Demirci in the field of music education in Azerbaijan said that in his music lessons,  Demirci used technical terms in Turkish instead of Arabia or Persian.

The poet, author and art director  from Tabriz Azeryar Danişver who also delivered a speech at the commemorative event drew attention to various aspects regarding the life and creativity of Demirci and said that in fact, Hasan Demirci not only played a pioneer role in the evolution of the Turkic people of Azerbaijan in terms of culture and national identity but also encouraged young people of Azerbaijan to claim ownership of their national culture and values. The event also featured a short extract of the documentary directed by Azeryar Danişver and entitled “Iron Plectron” giving an insight into Hasan Demirci’s life.

The event went on with performances of works composed by Hasan Demirci such as “My Crane Flew Away”, “Haraylı Tabriz”, “Hey, Hey”, “My Son” which were played on the tar by the artist Erol Çetin and a reading of  the poems “Love Shall Be”, “Wish” and “Oh Fatherland” recited by Atabey Barış.

At the end of the event, the Representative of Azebaijan to  TURKSOY  Mr.  Elçin Gafarlı handed over souvenirs, plaquettes and certificates of appreciation  to participants and artists who contributed to the event. The event ended with a group photograph taken as a remembrance of the day.