International congress on Kazak history culture and language held in TURKSOY Headquarters

Monday, 27 December 2021

In cooperation of the International Organization of Turkic Culture with the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Ankara and the Institute of Economic Development and Social Research as well as the “New Era” Research Journal of Social Sciences, an international congress on Kazak history culture and language was held in TURKSOY Headquarters. The congress which took place on December 27th, 2021was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The opening speeches of the congress which gathered representatives of various universities, research centers and other organizations from Turkey and Kazakhstan  were delivered by Prof. Dr. Orhan Doğan from the Sütçü İmam University of Kahramanmaraş, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the International Turkish Kazak University named after Khoja Akhmet Yassawi Prof. Dr. Muhittin Şimşek,  the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Ankara H. E. Abzal Saparbekuly and the Representative of Kazakhstan to  TURKSOY Mr. Bakytjan Omarov.

In their speeches, keynote speakers touched upon issues such as events which occured following the independence of Kazakhstan, the level of development reached since then as well as various achievements and the fight for independence. All speakers also stressed that claiming ownership of one’s historical and cultural heritage has played a key role in major achievements reached by the country on an internationsl level in the fields of politics and economy.

Keynote speakers who also stressed the fact that the Republic of Turkey was the first country to recognize and support Kazakhstan with all its public institutions from the very first minutes of its independence, added that organizations such as  TURKSOY, the Organization of Turkic States,  TurkPA, the Turkic Academy and the Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation are contributing to the cooperation and solidarity among Kazakhstan and the Turkic World in various aspects.

On the first day of the congress which also featured a short concert of traditional music performed by artists from Kazakhstan on the dombra, the traditional Kazak instrument,  participants presented papers on subjects such as “Capitals of Kazakhstan from Past to Present”, “Abylai Khan and His Role in Kazak History”, “Kazakhstan – The Center of Sustainability, Security and Economic Development at the Heart of Central Asia”, “Traditional Children’s Games in Kazak Culture”, “Alikhan Bokeyhan and Alas Orda, the National Movement of Kazakhstan” and “The Kazak Turkic People and the  Tradition of Sogym”.

The congress will go on tomorrow with paper presentations which will be made online.