The famous Kyrgyz film director Bolot Shamshiyev was commemorated on the 80th anniversary of his birthday

Monday, 20 December 2021

Bolot Shamshiyev, one of the most important cinema directors of Kyrgyzstan was commemorated in Ankara on the 80th anniversary of his birthday. The commemorative event featured an exhibition and a film.

The exhibition organized in cooperation of TURKSOY with the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in Ankara and the "Yerli Düşünce" Association took place in Ankara and featured photographs giving an insight into  Bolot Shamshyev’s life and work.

The event hosted by the Deputy Secretary General of TURKSOY, Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Bilal Çakıcı and the Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to Ankara  H. E. Kubanichbek Omuraliyev gathered representatives of the art of cinema from Turkey and Kyrgyzstan along with many guests.

The exhibition held in the foyer of the Büyülü Fener Cinema was inaugurated by protocol members and cinema artists from Kyrgyzstan Ayturgan Temirova, Murat Mambetov and Aysuluu Subanliyeva.

The event started with a documentary on Bolot  Shamshiyev.

In the speech he delivered at the event, Dep. Secretary General Çakıcı said that Secretary General Kasseinov handed over the Honour Medal of TURKSOY to Bolot Shamshiyev on his 75th birthday in an event held at the Kyrgyz National Philharmony in recognition of his precious contribution to the art of cinema of the Turkic World and added that this famous film director who passed away in  2019 is now being commemorated by TURKSOY.

Deputy Secretary General Çakıcı further said: "With events we will be holding for three days, we will be commemorating Bolot Shmashiyev who is one of the most famous film directors of Kyrgyzstan in Ankara. Within this framework, three different films directed by Bolot Shamshiyev will be displayed in Ankara. Bolot Shamshiyev is a film director who adapted masterpieces of Kazak and Kyrgyz literature to the cinema screen in the 80ies and 90ies, hence making unique contributions to the strengthening of ties of brotherhood between these two peoples as well as to the rapprochement of these two states. In those years, films directed by  Bolot Shamshiyev were extremely popular. Unfortunately, this great film director who conquered  the hearts of Kyrgyz people and  won their deep respect passed away two years ago. However, we do believe that he will live forever thanks to his works and the precious legacy he left behind which will be transmitted from one generation to the next  by both, the Kyrgyz and Kazak people."

Ambassador Omuraliyev who took the floor at the event stressed that with his extraordinary talent, the film director Bolot Shamshiyev laid the foundations of the art of  Kyrgyz cinema  and introduced the Kyrgyz people to the world with his wonderful films.

Ambassador Omuraliyev who further said that the film directed by Shamshiyev and based on the novel  "The White Ship" by the world famous Kyrgyz author  Chingis Aitmatov who conveyed  deeply philosophical messages therein  added that Bolot Shamshiyev is considered as one of the "Kyrgyz Miracles" like Tolomus Okeyev who was also a famous Kyrgyz film director.  Ambassador Omuraliyev further added that Bolot Shamshiyev directed many masterpieces which are considered as the pearls of the art of Kyrgyz cinema. Of course, as years go by  other film  directors come up with their works, but  Bolot Shamshiyev's films will always remain actual.”

Mrs.  Ayturgan Temirova, Mr. Murat Mambetov and Mrs. Aysuluu Subanliyeva who also delivered a speech at the event gave some information on the life and work of Bolot Shamsheyev and stressed his strong contribution to the art of Kyrgyz cinema with his successful work.

At the event, TURKSOY Deputy Secretary General  Assoc.  Prof. Dr. Bilal Çakıcı and Ambassador Omuraliyev handed over plaquettes dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the birthday of Bolot Shamsheyev  to the Kyrgyz cinema artists  Ayturgan Temirova, Murat Mambetov and Aysuluu Subanliyeva.

The ceremony was followed by Bolot Shamshiyev's film "The Poppies of Issyk Kul".