Nizami Ganjavi, the famous poet of Azerbaijan was commemorated in Kazakhstan

Tuesday, 14 December 2021

On the occasion of the 880th anniversary of his birthday, Nizami Ganjavi, the famous author of Azerbaijan who  was the first poet to have written the “Hamsa”  was commemorated in an event held at the Elbasy Library of the Founding President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The art  album “Reading Nizami Ganjavi” prepared and  published in cooperation of TURKSOY with the Elbasy Library and featuring paintings  of artists of the Turkic World inspired by Nizami’s works  was presented in an event which took place alongside with an exhibition on Nizami Ganjavi.

In the speech he delivered at the event on the presentation of the art album featuring more than 100 paintings along with poems of the author and philosopher translated into English , the Director of the Elbasy Library Bakytcan Temirbolat reminded of the words once told by the Founding President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in his Essay “Seven Facets of the Great Steppe” stating that “The one who remembers, appreciates and is proud of  his/her own history have a great future” and touched upon the importance of this art album prepared by  TURKSOY. Mr. Temirbolat added that this publication of  TURKSOY will be a strong contribution to the  enrichment of the history, academic research and cultural heritage not only of the Turkic World Turkic but also of world civilization in general.

In the speech he delivered at the event, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to  Nursultan H. E.  Ağalar Atamoğlanov stressed that Nizami Ganjavi once said that those who consider patience as the key to all achievements  and will always draw lessons from difficulties they experience  and reminded of his maxim:  “If you work and thrive, you will never be in need”. Ambassador Atamoğlanov also expressed his pleasure to see  that more and more works by Nizami who also felt close to the history and culture of Kazakhstan are being  translated into Kazak every year.

TURKSOY Secretary General Dusen Kasseinov stated that: “Each and every painting in this art album has its own story. This album has been published in English to reach out to a larger public worldwide. We have published such art albums dedicated to illustrious personalities of the Turkic World such as  Abay, Oljas Suleymenov, Chingis Aytmatov and we are currtnely working on the publication of such art albums dedicated to  Alisher Nevai and  Magtumguly. TURKSOY is relentlessly working to further promote the precious heritage of these brilliant figures of the Turkic World on a global scale.”

On the occasion of the 880th anniversary of the birthday of Nizami Ganjavi, TURKSOY, the home of Turkic World  culture and art  has held many commemorative events in various countries worldwide to introduce this world famous poet of Azerbaijan to readers worldwide.

TURKSOY had declared the year 2020 as Year of Abay Kunanbayev on the occasiopn of the 175th anniversary of the birthday of this famous Kazak poet and teacher who had translated Nizami Ganjavi’s “Iskendername” drawn from his world famous work  “Hamsa” into Kazak language. Abay, the great poet and founder of contemporary Kazak literature considered Nizami as an "Ustaz" – a “teacher” and showed great respect towards his works.

Following the presentation of the art album “Reading Nizami Ganjavi”, participants of the event, inaugurated the photography exhibition  on Nizami Ganjavi.

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