Gesture of gratitude to Uzbek painters by TURKSOY

Monday, 06 December 2021

Painters from Uzbekistan who have contributed to the publication of the art albums "Reading Abai" and "Reading Oljas Suleymenov" and the prestige book "Korkutname" published by TURKSOY were handed over certificates of appreciation and copies of these publications in gratitude for there contribution to thereto.

The award ceremony hosted by Secretary General Kasseinov at the State Museum of Art of Uzbekistan gathered  painters such as Ortikali Kozokov, Rashid Hojaniyozov, Sobir Rahmetov, Rahim Rızamuhamedov who took part in Painters' Gatherings aiming at  the exchange of experience among art schools of various countries and contributing to their  cultural integration as well as the Director of the Alishir Nevai State Museum of Literature of the Academy of Sciences of UzbekistanProf. Dr. Cabbar Ishankul and the Director of the State Museum of Art of Uzbekistan Vasila Fayzieva.

The award ceremony was preceded by the coordination meeting of the Ali Shir Nevai Art Album which is foreseen to be published by TURKSOY by March 2022.

In the speech he delivered at the ceremony, Mr. Ortikali Kozokov, said that he and his colleagues from Uzbekistan regularly take part in Painters' Gatherings of  TURKSOY and expressed his gratitude to TURKSOY for making it possible for Uzbek painters as well to participate in these events.

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