Presentation of the book by the Gagauz author Kurtoğlu "Avcı Annatmaları" in TURKSOY Headquarters

Wednesday, 01 December 2021

The book by Konstantin Kurtoğlu "Avcı Annatmaları"  and the  "Journal of the Gagauz Authors’ Union”  were presented in a meeting held in cooperation of  TURKSOY, with the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Ankara and the  Gagauz Authors’ Union.

The meeting held in the Conference Hall of TURKSOY Headquarters was hosted by Secretary General Dusen Kasseinov and featured contributions by the Ambassador of the Republic of  Moldova to Ankara  H. E.  Dmitri Croitor, the Deputy Director General of Turkish Cultural Centers Prof. Dr. Ayşe Filiz Yavuz, the Chairman of the Eurasian Authors’ Union Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yakup Ömeroğlu, the Chairman of the Turkish-Moldovan Friendship Association Eyüp Gökhan Özekin and the Member of the Board of Directors of the latter Rafet Köksal.

In the opening speech he delivered,  TURKSOY Secretary General Dusen Kasseinov expressed his happiness to be hosting this meeting in TURKSOY, the home of the Turkic World to present the book by Konstantin Kurtoğlu "Avcı Annatmaları"  and the  "Journal of the Gagauz Authors’ Union”. 

Prof. Kasseinov who also said that TURKSOY further continues  to support cultural and artistic activities carried out by Turkic peoples in various regions of the Turkic World  as part of its commitment to the transmission of the common cultural heritage of our peoples to future generations stressed the importance of the book presented as well as of the journal which has recently started being published and added: “I do believe that these activities which contribute to the development of Gagauz Turkic language ad well as to the enrichment of  Turkic culture as well as articles published in the journal of the Gagauz Authors’ Union  will contribute to the fostering of the awarenessof the Gagauz  people regarding their language.”

The Ambassador of Moldova to Ankara H. E. Dmitri Croitor who also delivered a speech at the event expressed his gratitude to TURKSOY for its support and for having organized this event of great significance for the Gagauz Turkic people. Ambassador Croitor further stressed that as an itegral part of the Turkic World, the Gagauz people must preserve its language and trasnmit it to future generations  to ensure its further existence and said: “It is very important for us to preserve our own language, own culture and own traditions. Losing these means losing our people”.

Another participant who delivered a speech at the event was Prof. Dr. Ayşe Filiz Yavuz who drew attention to the fact  that language plays a key role in the education of a people and of young generations. Prof. Dr. Yavuz who stressed that  Kurtoğlu's book "Avcı Annatmaları" is an important publication in so far as it will ensure the preservation of Gagauz language  and its transmission to young generations further said: “This book will make it possible for its readers to grasp the relation between humans and nature and encourage them to have dreams as to their own future while developing  their own perspective and opinion about the world through their imagination. I think that this book assumes an important mission as to the future”.

All contributions stressed the importance of the book by the Chairman of the Gagauz Authors’ Union Konstantin Kurtoğlu "Avcı Annatmaları"  and the  first issue of the "Journal of the Gagauz Authors’ Union” in terms of the preservation of the Gagauz language as well as its development and transmission to future generations.

The author Konstantin Kurtoğlu who made the presentation of the book  touched upon the content of the book as well as how he wrote it.

The speeches and contributions were followed by a ceremony in which TURKSOY Secretary General Dusen Kasseinov, the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Ankara  H. E. Dmitri Croitor and the author of the book cut the ribbon  of the Konstantin Kurtoğlu’s  book "Avcı Annatmaları" and the"Journal of the Gagauz Authors’ Union” all together.

The event which went on with a reading of poems by the famous Gagauz poet and member of the Gagauz Authors’ Union Georgiy Topal ended with a group photograph as a remembrance of the day.