Album featuring Siberian Soundscapes presented in Budapest

Monday, 25 October 2021

The album featuring Siberian Soundscapes and released with a special booklet in Turkish, Hungarian and English was presented in a meeting held in Budapest on October 25th, 2021.

The meeting held in cooperation of TURKSOY with the Office of the Representation of the Turkic Council in Hungary gathered the Ambassdor of the Republic of Turkey to Budapest H. E. Ahmet Akif Oktay, the Director of the Office of the Representation of the Turkic Council in Hungary and Ambassador Dr. Janos Hovari, the First Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Hungary Mr. Yedil Myrzakhanov, the Director of the Yunus Emre Institute in Budapest Mr. Mustafa Aydoğdu and the former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary  Andras Kelemen.  At the presentation meeting, Dr. Dávid Somfai Kara and Dr. István Sántha made a brief presentation on the ethnic music of Siberian Turkic and Mongolian peoples as well as rheir tradition to sing epic legends.

In the opening speech he delivered at the meeting, TURKSOY Secretary General  Dusen Kasseinov said "The traditional throat singing known as "khai" in Khakassian, Altai, Shor and Teleut languages which are Turkic languages of Southern Siberia amd as "hoomey" in Tuvan language is a minstrelship tradition which TURKSOY  attaches great importance to. The publication of this album in Turkish is a reflection of the close interest of TURKSOY in  the preservation and promotion of the tradition  to tell epic legends in the Turkic  World. TURKSOY invests considerable efforts in the promotion of Turkic culture of Siberia and Central Asia and the strong contribution thereto by  Hungarian scholars and researchers should not be forgotten either."

The closing session of the album presentation which raised great interest among Hungarian art-lovers featured performances of some parts of the  Altai-Telengit “Maadai Kara” and Tyvan “Bagai Ool” epic legends by Hungarian and Turkic musicians.

At the end of the event, Prof. Dr. Mihaly Hoppal   and Dr. István Sántha who are known for their research activities on the culture of Ural-Altaic peoples and shamanism received the Gyula Nemeth Souvenir Medallion of TURKSOY.