Press Awards of TURKSOY 2020 handed over to their winners

Saturday, 25 September 2021

The Harı Bülbül Press Awards of TURKSOY especially prepared by the International Organization of Turkic Culture for the year 2020 were handed over to their winners in an event held in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

The handover ceremony of  Press Awards of TURKSOY took place in the International Mugam Center of Baku. This year’s Press Awards of TURKSOY were handed over to journalists  of  the Turkic World  by the Minister of Culture of Azerbaijan and the Deputy Secretary General of TURKSOY Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bilal Çakıcı in recognition of their commitment and contribution informing the world about what happened during the battle which lasted 44 days and resulted in the liberation of Karabakh from its occupation by Armenian forces for 30 years.

-Journalists who perished in Karabakh  have been commemorated-

In the opening speech he delivered at the event, Minister Anar Kerimov said that members of the press media who were on duty in the region where the Battle of Liberation of 44 days took place  honoured their mission at the highest level and sacrificed their lives to do this. Minister Kerimov further paid tribute to the memory of the reporter of the State Agency of Azerbaijan (Azertac) Meherrem Ibrahimov and the cameraman of the State Television of Azerbaijan (AzTV) Sırach Abyshov.

-The Victory in Karabakh is important fort he Turkic World -

Minister Kerimov who also touched upon the development of Azerbaijan in recent years  and successful achievements reached thanks to the strong commitment of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and his policy  said that each of theses achievements are a great source of pride for every Azerbaijani citizen. Minister Kerimov  added that the glorious victory of Azerbaijan in Karabakh is of key importance for the entire Turkic World.

In the speech he delivered at the Award Ceremony, the Deputy Secretary General of TURKSOY Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bilal Çakıcı said that the history of Turkic peoples who live on a wide territory reaching out from Altai Mountains to the Balkans  is full of glorious victories and added:  “With its President, army and people, the Republic of Azerbaijan which is an integral part of the Turkic World  has added yet another victory to its history of triumphs in 2020. Under its Chief Commander, H. E. the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, the army of Azerbaijan defeated its ennemy and took back the part of its territory which had been occupied by Armenian forces for 30 years.”

Deputy Secretary General Çakıcı further said: “Journalists of the Turkic World who, in this glorious victory, put on their helmets and bullet-proof vests to do their work on the forefront  have shown their solidarity with the people of Azerbaijan through the news they have communicated to the world and played an important role in voicing its righteous claim. Please accept this award which we are handing over to you,  distinguished members of the press media, as a testimony of the gratitude of TURKSOY for the precious support you have been providing throughout the process of liberation of occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

The speeches were followed by the award ceremony during which 36 journalists  and members of the press media from 7 countries were  handed over the  “Harı Bülbül” Press Award of  TURKSOY. These were Fulya Öztürk, Bülent Çulcuoğlu and Abdulkarim Ulak from Turkey, Almas Shorayev, Arman Suleımenov and  Nurgeldi Usbanov from Kazakhstan, Muratbek Zholukeev, Nina Nıchıporova and Kubatbek Aıbashov from Kyrgyzstan, Abduvali Saybnazarov and Kamariddin Shaykhov  from Uzbekistan, Hassan Haıdar Dıab from Croatia, Reza Deghati from France and Elnur Ekberov, Şöhret Eyvazov, Ilqar Aliyev, Elmira Musazade and Gülzar Mustafayeva as well as the martyrs Meherrem Ibrahimov and Sirac Abishov from Azerbaijan.

The ceremony also featured the handing over of plaquettes of TURKSOY to the Mayor of the Municipality of Ortahisar in Trabzon  Mr. Ahmet Metin Genç and the press adviser of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Baku Hüseyn Altınalan in recognition of their precious commitment to their duty throughout the war of liberation.

The event held at the International Mugam Center also featured  a digital exhibition of war photos taken by the award winning reporters Uğur Yıldırım from the Sabah Newspaper of Turkey, Hassan Haıdar Dıab from the “Veçernji List” newspaper of Croatia and other reporters from Azerbaijan.

The Press Award of TURKSOY featuring a statuette with the Harı Bülbül flower of Shusha, the cradle of art and culture of Azerbaijan, especially prepared for the year 2020 stands for the necessity to further strengthen mutual cooperation among peoples of the Turkic World and preserve the ties of friendship and brotherhood among peoples  just as if it was an elegant flower like the Harı Bülbül.