Participants of the 5th Composers' Gathering of TURKSOY came together in TURKSOY Headquarters

Wednesday, 07 April 2021

Composers of the Turkic Word who took part in the 5th Composers Gathering of TURKSOY held in the Art Village of TURKSOY in the district of Seben in Bolu visited TURKSOY Headquarters.

The delegation headed by the Chairperson of the Union of Composers of Bashkortostan (RF) was welcomed by the Secretary General of TURKSOY  Dusen Kasseinov in the Headquarters of the organization and received some information on TURKSOY and international activities it carries out.

In the speech he delivered at the meeting held in the Conference Hall of TURKSOY, Secretary General  Kasseinov said that due to the pandemic, the Composers' Gathering of TURKSOY which is traditionally held every year in the district of Seben in Bolu  had to take place with  a limited number of participants this year.

The Chairperson of  Union of Composers of Bashkortostan (RF) Leyla Ismagilova said that the 5th Composers Gathering of TURKSOY was very fruitful  as it gave the opportunity to young talented composers to work together in a beautiful atmosphere and setting allowing them to use their creativity. Mrs. Ismagilova further said that results of the 5th Composers Gathering of TURKSOY will soon be announced.

The meeting during which the  Secretary General of TURKSOY and members of the delegation discussed future plans ended with a group photograph taken as a remembrance of the day.

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