5th Composers' Gathering of TURKSOY

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

The 5th Composers' Gathering of TURKSOY began in the Art Village of TURKSOY in the district of Seben in Bolu.
Within the framework of the project launched in cooperation of TURKSOY with the Municipality of Seben,   the Art Village of TURKSOY composed of wooden houses named after famous composers of the Turkic World such as Erkegali Rahmediyev (Kazakhstan), Ulvi Cemal Erkin (Turkey)  welcomes young composers of the Turkic World this year. 
Participants came together for the first time at the opening of the event which took place in the presence of TURKSOY Secretary General Dusen Kasseinov, the Mayor of Seben and Mr. Turgay Erdener who attended the opening as a guest of honour. Participants who will also be visiting TURKSOY Headquarters in the coming days  will have the opportunity to exchange their experiences and get acquainted with famous composers of theTurkic World. During 9 days, composers of the Turkic World will not only take part in masterclasses to foster their talent but also visit cultural and historical sites of the region.
At the opening of this year's edition of the Composers' Gathering of TURKSOY, Secretary General Kasseinov expressed his gratitude to the Municipality of Seben for hosting the event and said: "It is a great pleasure for us to be holding the fifth Composers' Gathering of TURKSOY. Houses of the Art Village of TURKSOY  which host this gathering have been named after composers of the Turkic World. We welcome our composers here every year to offer them an inspirational environment and atmosphere. This project of ours is an example for the entire world. Indeed, this event does not only encourage the composition of new works of music but also paves the way for the creation of similar spaces in different countries and cities. As a matter of fact it is of key importance that our composers get acquainted with eachother and become aware of the common culture we share, because they are the ones who express the thoughts and feelings of each and everyone of us and the works they compose will live on  for centuries. The better they get acquainted with eachother as well as with distinguished composers of our respective countries and their culture, the stronger will their contribution be to the rapprochement among our peoples.’’

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