Online Conference featuring TURKSOY's book on Uzbekistan

Friday, 04 September 2020

The book published by TURKSOY on its activities of cultural cooperation  with Uzbekistan  was presented in an online conference held on  September 4th, 2020.

The conference moderated by the Deputy Secretary General of TURKSOY, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bilal Çakıcı featured speeches by  TURKSOY Secretary General  Dusen Kasseinov, the Minister of Culture of Uzbekistan Ozodbek Nazarbekov, the Chief Advisor to the President of the Republic of Turkey Yalçın Topçu, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to  Ankara  H. E. Alisher Agzamkhodjaev, the Amassador of the Republic of Turkey to Tashkent H. E. Mehmet Süreyya Er, the MP of Bursa  and Chairman of the Turkish-Uzbek Interparliamentary Friendship Group Osman Mesten and the Deputy General Director of Cultural Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  Mr. Emir Salim Yüksel.

In the opening speech he delivered at the conference, Secretary General  Kasseinov stressed that TURKSOY has ever since attached particular importance to the representation of the Uzbek people in all events it has carried out until now in the world in various countries and regions ranging from  from Asia to Europe, Argentina, Japan, the Altai Mountains and the Balkans. Mr. Kasseinov further said that it has been with great pride that TURKSOY has carried the flag of Uzbekistan together with flags of its other member countries in all these events.

Secretary General Kasseinov who also added that the cooperation between TURKSOY and Uzbekistan is growing stronger every day also added that the selection of Khiva, the ancient city of Uzbekistan as Cultural Capital of the Turkic World  is a tangible proof thereof. Mr. Kasseinov who stressed that Khiva was declared Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2020 upon proposal of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan  and with the approval of the Permanent Council of TURKSOY extended his gratitude to the President  of the Republic of Uzbekistan for his valuable support in this process.

Mr. Kasseinov, “We have commemorated illustrious personalities of Uzbek literature such as  Alisher Nevai and Abdullah Kadiri. In the near future, we will be publishing selected works by Said Ahmed, the famous drama author of Uzbekistan on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birthday in Turkish language. We are planning to also hold a conference on this work in the near future. I have also the pleasure to announce that we will be organizing commemorative events dedicated to the People's Poet of Uzbekistan Muhammad Yusuf. With conference we will be holding and publications of poems by  Muhammad Yusuf in Turkish language we are planning to introduce this famous poet of the Uzbek people  to the Turkic World and its readers.

Following the promotional video on Khiva, Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2020 Secretary General  Dusen Kasseinov cut the ribbon around the book of TURKSOY on Uzbekistan.

The Minister of Culture of Uzbekistan Ozodbek Nazarbekov stressed that the cooperation between TURKSOY and Uzbekistan has grown stronger in the recent past and underlined the importance of the declaration of Khiva as Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2020 as well as of activities carried out in this respect.

Minister Nazarbekov further said: “As an international organization, TURKSOY plays a key role in the rapid development and strengthening of ties among Turkic peoples. I am therefore very much looking forward to the continuation of our mutual cooperation aiming at the preservation, fostering and development of our culture which is our common value and heritage for the unity of Turkic peoples.”

The Chief Advisor to the Republic of Turkey Yalcin Topcu who compared the Turkic people living in Anatolia and the Uzbek people living in Uzbekistan, which they consider as the homeland they once migrated from to two brothers growin up in two different cradles said that Uzbekistan is the cradle of not only the Turkic  people living in Anatolia but also  of the whole Tukic World as well as of Turkic-Islamic science and civilization, as it is also the homeland of illustrious personalities such as  Imam Maturidi, the Nakshibendis and the Buharis. Mr. Topcu who also touched upon the importance of cultural ties dealt with in this book by TURKSOY on Uzbekistan or the Turkic World extended his gratitude to all those who contributed to its publication.

The Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Ankara H. E.  Alisher Agzamkhodjaev who also delivered a speech at the online conference said that with the declaration of Khiva as Cultural Capital of the Turkic World, the cooperation between Uzbekistan and TURKSOY has reached its highest level. Ambassador  Agzamkhodjaev further said that ther declaration of Khiva as Cultural Capital of the Turkic World is the most important proof of this fact.

Ambassador Agzamkhodjaev concluded his speech saying that this wihtin the framework of this  mutual cooperation initiated under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev with he support of TURKSOY member countries, events featuring the State Theater of Khorezm at the Theater Festival of Adana to commemorate illustrious personalities such as  Alisher Nevai and Abdullah Kadiri were extremely appreciated by the audience.

Pariticipants who took the floor at the meeting all stressed the rapid evolution of Uzbekistan in the recent past particularly in the fields of culture and art.

The online conference ended with the Uzbek song "Poka Pak" performed by artists of  TURKSOY.