Publication on Music Instruments of the Turkic World by TURKSOY

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Two books were launched in cooperation of TURKSOY with the  Kurmangazy Kazak State Conservatory, namely:   "Bolat Sarybaiev and Issues related to Research on Ethnic Music Instruments in the Turkic World" and "The Heritage of a Scholar".
The books published in Almaty with the contrbution of TURKSOY within the framework of the 75th anniversary of the Kurmangazy Kazak State Conservatory, were written by Prof. Saida Elemanova along with musicologists Saule Boranbayeva and Fatima Nurlybaieva.
The promotional event held in Almaty gathered musicologists of Kazakhstan, artists and intellectuals along with scholars, relatives of  Bolat Sarybaiev, and students.
The opening speech of the promotional event introducing the book by the famous Kazak scholar Bolat Sarybaiev who dedicated his life to research on ethnic music  and ethnic music instrumentswas delivered by Askar Turganbayev and the Deputy Rector of the  Kurmangazy Kazak State Conservatory Galiya Begembetova.
The promotional event also offered the opportunity to the audience to get acquainted with the conteporary interpretation of ancient Kazak melodies performed  on traditional Kazak  music instruments such as  the saz syrnai, jetigen and kylkobyz.

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