The Azerbaijani author and dramaturgist Jelil Memmedguluzade was commemorated in Baku

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

An event dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birthday of the famous Azerbaijani author Jelil Memmedguluzade was held in Baku with the contribution of  TURKSOY.

The event gathered the First Deputy Minister of Culture of Azerbaijan Vagif Aliyev, the Ambassador of Turkey to Baku  H. E.  Erkan Ozoral, the Deputy Secretary General of TURKSOY  Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Bilal Çakıcı, the Chairman of the Authors’ Union of  Azerbaijan Anar Rzayev, the Deputy Chairman of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan and MP Ord. Prof. Dr. Isa Habibbeyli, the President of the Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation Gunay Efendiyeva, the Director of the National Library of Azerbaijan Prof. Dr. Kerim Tahirov, the grandson of Jelil Memmedguluzade, Martin Cavanshiri and authors as well as scholars and students.

The visit to the tomb of Jelil Memmedguluzade in the State Cemetery of Baku  was followed by the opening of the author’s house which has been restorated and turned into a museum.

Following the opening ceremony of the Museum House, a conference was held at the National Library of Azerbnaijan on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birthday of  Jelil Memmedguluzade.

Scholars who took the floor at the conference were Hamidulla Baltabayev from Uzbekistan, Ivan Hristov from Bulgaria, Aysun Demirez Güneri from Turkey, Tehran Alişanoğlu, Şirindil Alişanlı, Tahire Memmed, Ayaz Salayev, Gülbeniz Babayeva and Penah Hacıyev from Azerbaijan who presented their papers on Memmedguluzade's life, works and philosophy of art.

In the speech he delivered within the framework of the events, the Deputy Secretary General of TURKSOY  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bilal Çakıcı said that TURKSOY carries out events to commemorate illustrious personalities of the Turkic World in recognition of their strong contribution to Turkic culture and art and also provides support to events organized in our member countries.

Deputy Secretary General Çakıcı who further stressed that within this framework TURKSOY held various events to commemorate illustrious personalities of Azerbaijan and the Turkic World Nizami, Molla Penah Vagif, Mirza Fetali Ahundzade, Ali Bey Hüseynzade, Ahmed Cavad, Hüseyn Cavid, Cafer Cabbarlı, Ilyas Efendiyev, Samed Vurgun, Bahtiyar Vahabzade, Gara Garayev, Niyazi and many others not only in Ankara and Azerbaijan but also in our kindred countries concluded his speeh saying that Jelil Memmedguluzade is an important dramaturgist of the Turkic World who wrote major works in various styles of literature and broke new ground in Azerbaijani literature with his modern short stories.