Second International Festival of Traditional Music in Almaty

Tuesday, 05 November 2019

The Second International Festival of Traditional Music organized in cooperation of of TURKSOY with the Governorate of Almaty, the Department of Archives Documents and Culture and the People's Cultural Center took place in the Jansungurov Cultural Center in Almaty.

The festival also featured music ensembles and artists performing traditional music of the Turkic World

The festival featuring colourful performances of ethnic music by Cem Gürdal (Turkey),  Arjan Tudenev (Khakassia, RF), Ruslan Gabışev (Sakha Yakutia, RF) Azat Bekçurin (Bashkortostan, RF), Talgat Hasenov (Tatarstan), Rafsanjan Yunusov (Uzbekistan), the "Ulu Köş" Music Ensemble (Kyrgyzstan) and the "Kültegin" music ensemble (Mongolia) along with  artists Erbolat Shaldybekov, Uljan Baybosınova, Kazbek Adıkeev and the music ensembles "Adyrna", "Hassak", "Kobyz Saryny"  (Kazakhstan) was strongly appreciated by the audience.

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