22nd Opera Days of TURKSOY

Monday, 30 September 2019

The 22nd Opera Days of TURKSOY took place in Kyrenea (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) and Istanbul between September 25th-28th, 2019 with two concerts featuring 10 soloists and 3 pianists from 9 countries.

With their brilliant performances, artists of the Turkic World who took the scene at the Bellapais Monastery in Kyrenea enchanted the audience.

The first concert of the tour took place in the historical Sureyya Opera in Istanbul where artists of the Turkic World were accompanied by the orchestra of the State Opera and Ballet of Istanbul under Maestro  Murat Cem Orhan from Turkey. The concert which lasted approximately 80 minutes featured  an aria from the first opera of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus by the composer and conductor Maestro  Ali Hoca, namely the aria of "Arap Ali" from the Legend of   Arap Ali. Other colourful arias performed at the concert were the duet of Birjan and Sara from the opera "Birjan and Sara" by the famous Kazak composer Mukan Tulebayev as well as works by famous composers such as J. Strauss, G. Puccini and  G. Donizetti.

The highlight of the concert was the performance of a scene from Verdi's  "La Traviata" by all artists together.  

TURKSOY Deputy Secretary General  Bilal Çakıcı: "Our common cultural heritage strengthens our brotherhood"

In the opening speech he delivered prior to the concert, TURKSOY Deputy Secretary General  Bilal Çakıcı  stressed that the Opera Days of TURKSOY have been successfully held for 21 years in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as well as in Istanbul later on and  in various place in Anatolia and added:  ''With its common features and diversity, our rich cultural heritage is our most important  treasure. We are doing our best to strengthen our mutual ties of brotherhood and serve humanity with this treasure. Let me extend my gratitude to all amateurs of art who support us in this endeavour of ours.''

Mr. Çakıcı further said: ''I now invite you to discover the treasure lying inside everyone of us through the sound of music. May music take us onto a long journey through the mazes of our dreams. May it help us hold on to our wishes, listen to the call of our hearts and its unreachable aspirations  and let us rise towards eternity through the sorrowful sound of sadness.''  and extended his gratitude to personalities and institutions for their contribution to the realization of the project.

Soloists who took the scene at the 22nd Opera Days of TURKSOY were Aygul Niyazova  and Nurjan Bajekenov from Kazakhstan, Artur Kaipkulov from Bashkortostan (RF), Damyrak Mongush from Tyva (RF), Emine Djevdetova from the Russian Federation, Tilek Naymanbayev from Kyrgyzstan, Ekaterina Koryakina from Sakha-Yakutia (RF), Erek Kızılörs from the TRNC, Faik Mansuroğlu from Turkey and Gjorgji Cuckovski from North Macedonia. Soloists of the Turkic World were accompanied by the pianists Amina Taykenova from Kazakhstan, Yulia Babich  from Kyrgyzstan and  Hande Uçar from Turkey.