Concert of the Nur-Sultan Orchestra of Traditional Instruments in Bursa

Tuesday, 17 September 2019


The Nur-Sultan Orchestra of Traditional Instruments from Kazakhstan which took the scene in Ankara at the exhibition featuring the Golden Man within the framework of the project on the History and Culture of the Great Steppe gave a concert in Bursa.

IN the opening speech he delivered at the concert held in the Tayyare Cultural Center of Bursa, the Deputy Secretary General of TURKSOY Assoc. Prof.  Dr. Bilal Çakıcı said that thanks to talented musicians and composers of the Turkic Worldour rich cultural heritage is being introduced to the world and makes its contribution to the music heritage of the world.

Deputy Secretary General Çakıcı who said that the exchange of artists of the Turkic World among its countries plays a key role in terms of the rapprochement of kindred countries  stressed that gatherings and tours carried out by these artists also contributes to their mutual exchange of experience and builds bridges of friendship among them.

In the concert which also featured performances of the Karagoz Folk Dance Ensemble, soloists Züleyha Savaş,  Erlan Zhandarbay, Uralıkhan Seilbekova  and Körkem Sholoshova were accompanied by the Nur-Sultan Orchestra of Traditional Instruments from Kazakhstan and Turkish Folk Music artists of the Municipality of Bursa.

The concert introduced works by composers of the Turkic World such as Kurmangazy, Latif Hamidi, Dauletkerey and Abai to the audience.