Photography Exhibition on “Cultural Capitals of the Turkic World” in Yalova

Friday, 19 July 2019


Within the framework of the 22nd "Cultural Festival of Turkic Peoples" organized by YAFEM, the Youth and Sport Association of the Folklore Education Center of Yalova, a photography exhibition of TURKSOY featuring Cultural Capitals of the Turkic World was inaugurated in  Yalova on July 18th, 2019 .

The festival which turned into a gathering of Turkic peoples began with a parade of participants.

The parade which took place within the framework of the celebration featuring performances by artists and folk dance ensembles from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Bashkortostan (RF), Kabardino-Balkaria (RF), the TRNC, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Iran and Irak.

The festival was held with the contribution of nearly 150 folkdancers  and members of the press media from the Turkic World. The parade which took place on the occasion of the opening of the festival started in front of the Memorial of the August 17th Earthquake and ended on the July 15th Democracy and Republic Square.

The parade was followed by a photography exhibition of TURKSOY featuring photographs of Cultural Capitals of the Turkic World which have been declared as such by TURKSOY since the launching of this initative in  2012.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition gathered the Mayor of the Municipality of  Yalova  Vefa Salman, the Head of Department of the Financial and Administrative Affairs of the International Organization of Turkic Culture  TURKSOY Sancar Mülazımoğlu, the President of YAFEM Özer Koyuncu and the Director of Cultural and Tourism Affairs of Yalova Şeref Tali along with other officials who were present at the inauguration.

Throughout the parade, folk dance ensembles performed joyful folk dances  before taking the scene at the Barış Manço Open Air Theater later on. The show featured colourful performances of artists invited  by TURKSOY such as Lara Rysbay from Kazakhstan, the ‘Nazar’ Music Ensemble and the  ‘Inkarım’ dance ensemble which were strongly appreciated by the audience.