Wonderful Opening Ceremony for Osh, Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2019

Sunday, 21 April 2019

The Opening Ceremony of Osh, declared as Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2019  by TURKSOY took place in the presence of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic Sooronbay Jeenbekov.

The official ceremony marking the beginning of a year during which the city of  Osh will host various cultural and artistic events took place in the  Ahmatbek Suyunbayev Stadium.

The opening ceremony attended by ministers, MPs and representatives of diplomatic missions of TURKSOY member countries  along with representatives of UNESCO, TURKSOY  and ISESCO as well as guests from various regions of the Turkic World was inaugurated by the President of the Kyrgyz Republic  Sooronbay Jeenbekov. 

In the speech he delivered at the ceremony, the Kyrgyz President Jeenbekov stressed that the city of Osh which holds a special status in the Turkic World  has been declared Cultural Capital of the Turkic World.

President Jeenbekov further stressed that this decision of TURKSOY plays a key role for the multinational people of Kyrgyzstan, both in cultural and political terms and said: "Today, the flag of the Turkic World is proudly floating over Osh, in Kyrgyzstan."

President Jeenbekov who extended his gratitude to TURKSOY and kindred countries for their support  further said that within this framework, the city of Osh  gathers artists of the Turkic World and is hosting guests from  20 countries of the world.

President Jeenbekov also touched upon the historical importance of Osh and said: "It is the highest duty of humanity to preserve culture, moral values, cultural diversity, tolerance, unity and peace. This duty is now assumed by the ancient city of Osh."

The ceremony which went on with opening speeches of the Mayor of the host city of Osh Mr.Taalaybek Sarybashev and TURKSOY Secretary General  Dusen Kasseinov was followed by the Kyrgyz national anthem. 

The opening event then went on with a colourful performance depicting famous personalities of Osh as well as the evolution of the city throughout history.

The show which took place with the contribution of high number of artists wearing traditional garments also featured performances with horses besides songs and music.

In the event which enchanted the audience, famous artists of Kyrgyzstan such as Roza Rymbaieva and many others performed famous songs of the country.

The colourful opening event held with the contribution of more than 250 artists from 12 countries representing TURKSOY enchanted the audience with their music and dance performances from various regions of the Turkic World. 

The opening ceremony of Osh, the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World ended with colourful fireworks.

 First “Cultural Capital of the Turkic World” in Kyrgyzstan

Within the framework of the initiative launched upon suggestion of TURKSOY at the 10th Summit of the Heads of States of Turkic Speaking Countries held in Istanbul in 2010 cultural capitals declared so far were  Astana in  2012 (KAZAKHSTAN), Eskishir in 2013 (TURKEY), Kazan in 2014 (Tatarstan, RF), Merv in  2015 (TURKMENISTAN), Sheki in 2016 (AZERBAIJAN), Turkistan in  2017 (KAZAKHSTAN) and Kastamonu in 2018 (TURKEY). Now with its ancient city of Osh featuring a history dating back to 3 thousand years, Kyrgyzstan will be hosting the Project for the first time and welcome artists, scholars and intellectuals of the Turkic World throughout the year 2019.

Events held within the framework of the opening of the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2019 featured theater performances, concerts, competitions, exhibitions and conferences of artists and scholars aiming at the promotion, preservation and transmission of the rich cultural heritage of Turkic peoples to future generations.

 Ethno Culture Festival of Turkic peoples at the Central Square of Osh

The first event held within the framework of the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World  was the preparation of the sumolok, a traditional beverage of Turkic peoples usually served at   Nevruz. This tradition which has been preserved throughout the Turkic World until today  was introduced  to the audience with a wonderful show prepared by the Municipality of Osh.

At the festival, various traditions of the Kyrgyz people such as laying the baby in the cradle, cooking, welcoming guests, asking for a girl’s hand, welcoming mothers and fathers-in law were performed.

Another tradition introduced to the audience within the framework of the festival was the Kyrgyz packing-up of the tent. The festival also featured uniforms of Kyrgyz soldiers and their weapons.

Within the framework of the event, Uzbeks, Uygurs, Ahyska Turks, Coreans, Chinese and Russian peopel living in Osh also introduced their folklore, traditional garments and cuisine.

The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Osh Taalaybek Sarybashev met with delegations of the Turkic World.

Within the framework of the event, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Osh Taalaybek Sarybashev met with delegations and ambassadors from member countries of the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TURKSOY) as well as with guests from many other countries.

The Minister of Culture and Information of the Kyrgyz Republic Azamat Jamankulov  said: "We are proud of the history of Osh which dates back to 3 thousand years."

Minister Jamankulov said that the city of Osh is located in the tri-border region of  Kyrgysztan with Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China  and added: "Therefore, this city is home to many different peoples. We are happy to see the Turkic World in Osh. Welcome!"

TURKSOY Secretary General  Dusen Kasseinov who also said a few words on the occasion of the ceremony stressed that Osh is an ancient city which plays a key role fort he Turkic World and added: "It has been two days since we have arrived here and I must say that the hospitality of the people of Osh towards guest delegations of the Turkic World can clearly be felt on any occasion."

The Minister of Environment and Urban Planning of the Republic of Turkey Mr. Mücahit Demirtaş who was also among guests and attended the ceremony  said that this is the first time he came to Osh and stressed his admiration for the city.

Minister Demirtaş further stressed his belief in the fact that the ancient city of Osh will certainly be appreciated as cultural heritage of the Turkic World.

The Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan Eldos Ramazanov who also delivered a speech on the occasion said: "The cultural capital is a wonderful project. Citizens of Kazakhstan have closely witnessed how this title has contributed to the positive change and development of Turkistan which once bore this title. Indeed, this title has truly boosted tourism in Turkistan. I hope that this will also be true for  the city of Osh."

The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Sakarya Mr.   Ekrem Yüce who also expressed his honour due to the warmhearted welcome of the people of Osh  expressed his wish as to the twinning of the municipality of Sakarya with the municipality of Osh.

Press Awards of TURKSOY were handed over to their winners

In recognition of their valuable contribution to the promotion of the rich cultural heritage of the Turkic World on a global scale through  cultural events, members of the press media, journalists and institutions carrying out activities in TURKSOY member countries and abroad receive the Press Awards of  TURKSOY every year.

Within the framework of the Opening Event of Osh, Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2019, Press Awards of  TURKSOY were handed over to their winners. 

This year’s award winners were  the reporter of the Yeni Çağ newspaper Rustem Gasymov from Azerbaijan, the Editor of the Tengrinews News Agency and Turkistan Newspaper Dinara Jeldibayeva from Kazakhstan, the Department Director of the Kyrgyz Radio “Altın Kazina”   Jamila Mamatova, the Chief Editor of Programmes of the  NTS Television Nazira Kadıyeva, the Director of the EITR State Television and EIFM Radio Taşdemir Jaliyev from Kyrgyzstan), the Dean of the Faculty of Communication of the Hacı Bayram Veli University of Ankara Prof. Dr. Zakir Avşar, the Producer Laura Sati from Turkey, the Madaniyat ve Marifet Television Channel of Uzbekistan, the reporter of the Yoldaş Radio Channel of Bashkostostan (RF) Zuhra Arsayeva, the journalist of the Kıbrıs Postası and Güneş Haber newspapers of the TRNC  Gökhan Güler,  the Nogay Dausu Newspaper from the Karaçay Cherkess Republic (RF) and the Editor of the Türkçem Journal Zeynel Beksaç  from Kosovo.