2019 – Wonderful Opening Event for the Year of Imadeddin Nesimi

Thursday, 07 March 2019

The event hosted by TURKSOY Secretary General  Dusen Kasseinov gathered the Minister of Culture of  Azerbaijan Ebulfes Garayev, the Chief Advisor to the President of the Republic of Turkey Yalçın Topçu, the Ambassador of  Kazakhstan to Ankara, H. E.  Abzal Saparbekuly, the former Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey Ertuğrul Günay, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Isen, Member of the Wisemen’s Council of the Turkic Council, the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey Prof. Dr. Ahmet Haluk Dursun, the MP from Azerbaijan Prof. Dr. Nizami Ceferov and the Director of the National Library of Azerbaijan Prof. Dr. Kerim Tahirov along with  Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bican Ercilasun as well as representatives of diplomatic missions, authors, bureaucrats, scholars and high-level guests.

Prior to the event, an exhibition featuring works by Imadeddin Nesimi published in Azerbaijani Turkic language and other languages and including precious manuscripts was inaugurated in the foyer of TURKSOY Headquarters. Participants visited the exhibition  with strong interest. 

Nesimi, the great author of Azerbaijan, is a great source of pride for the Turkic World

Following the opening of the exhibition, TURKSOY Secretary General Dusen Kasseinov delivered the opening speech of the event and said that in line with its mission to strengthen ties of brotherhood among Turkic speaking peoples, introduce Turkic culture to the world and transmit our traditional values to new generations, TURKSOY has been declaring commemorative years dedicated to illustrious personalities of the Turkic World since 2010.

Ambassador Kasseinov who further said that thanks to this initiative of TURKSOY,  these personalities who contributed to the enrichment of Turkic culture are being introduced to the world and added: "The year 2019 was declared Year of the great Azerbaijani poet of the 14th century Seyid Imadeddin Nesimi on the occasion of the 650th anniversary of his birthday at the 36th Term meeting of the Permanent Council of TURKSOY which was held in Kastamonu, the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2018        .

Imadeddin Nesimi is not only a famous author of Azerbaijan but also a  great source of pride for the Turkic World. His work reflects the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of the Eastern world  and his poems are truly precious pearls of the art of poetry. The philosophical and literary heritage left behind by Nesimi  is deeply rooted in the history of the Turkic World which dates back to centuries. Hence, Nesimi’s work is an essential component of Turkic culture.” 

Nesimi’s works enlightens our world today 

The Minister of Culture of Azerbaijan Ebulfes Garayev who also said a few words at the event stressed that treasures of Turkic culture come together thanks to TURKSOY  and added: “These great statesmen, authors and philosophers have left a considerable heritage behind not only fort he Turkic World but also for all countries worldwide. We preserve the legacy of  Imadeddin Nesimi so that his works enlighten today’s world."

Mr. Garayev further said: “Nesimi is one of the best poets of Azerbaijan, so the fact that his legacy is being honored throughout the Turkic World is a strong contribution to the promotion of the cultural heritage of  Azerbaijan  and it will help introduce his poetry and philosophy to the world. The declaration of this year as commemorative year dedicated to Nesmi in Azerbaijan  and the fact that 50 years ago, UNESCO had dedicated various events to the commemoration of the 600th anniversary of his birthday  clearly shows the importance attached by the Government of  Azerbaijan  to poetry and art. 

Nesimi was a philanthropist and advocate of respect for God

In the beginning of his speech, the Chief Advisor to the President of the Republic of Turkey Yalçın Topçu said that he pays tribute to the memory of the founding president of the republic of Azerbaijan Mehmed Emin Resulzade and the famous Turkish author Ömer Seyfettin on the occasion of the anniversary of their passing away. Mr. Topçu who quoted poems by Nesimi further said: “Nesimi who lived i the 14th century was a philanthropist and advocate of respect for God. His poems in Azerbaijani Turkic language are a true example of perfection  terms of lyricism and emotionality. Hence he also was a role model for poets and authors of the following generations. Nesimi was a Turkmen who dedicated himself to Turkic poetry and literature. The Institute of Linguistics in Azerbaijan is named after him.

Let me stress that with this event, this legendary poet of the Turkic World will be introduced to the people of Turkey as well as to Turkish authors and literature experts. Indeed, it is our duty to pay tribute to the legacy of this great poet of the Azerbaijan in TURKSOY, the UNESCO of the Turkic World”. 

Nesimi praised mankind

The Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ahmet Haluk Dursun who also delivered a speech at the event said that Nesimi is an illustrious poet of the Turkic World and added: “Seyyid Nesimi had an incredibly rich and colourful literary style. Besides, he also praised mankind, justice, fairness, kindness and beauty. As such, he is one of the architects of our preception of the world who can be compared to  Ali Şir Nevai and Mevlana in terms of his spirituality. The Turkic World needs such authors and poets." 

Following the opening seeches, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bican Ercilasun, Prof. Dr. Nizami Ceferov and Prof. Dr. Kerim Tahirov presented their papers on the life and work of Nesimi. Prof. Dr. Ercilasun stressed that each poem of Nesimi is a masterpiece of profound philosophical meaning and said that such poems are a gateway to the world. Prof. Dr. Nizami Ceferov drew attention to the notion of self identity and consciousness  in Nesimi’s works. Kerim Tahirov made a detailed presentation on Nesmi's art and work.

The presentations were followed by poems of Nesimi recited by  the poetess Ilter Yeşilay and the People’s Poet of Kyrgyzstan Kojogeldi Kultegin. The event ended with a performance by the Karabakh Mugam Ensemble. 

The opening event featuring works by Nesimi enchanted the audience 

The opening event of the Year of  Imadeddin Nesimi  went on with a wonderful concert in the Concert Hall of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra.

The concert introduced Nesimi’s work with colourful performances of the TRT Choir, minstrels and mugam ensemble.

The Choir of the TRT channel conducted by the  People’s Artist of Azerbaijan Elnara Kerimova performed a song by  the Azerbaijani composer Firengiz Alizade “Dedicated to Nesimi” while the poet Barış Cavid Mövsümlü recited poems by Nesimi.

The minstrels Selahaddin Dündar and Mehmet Gökçe along with the poetess  Ilter Yeşilay  recited poems by Nesimi.

The last performance was that of  the lyrical artist Feyruz Sehavet, and the Karabakh Mugam Ensemble of Aliağa Sadiyev  and the  kemancha player Hayyam Memmedov  who played ans sang songs composed on poems by Nesimi.

The concert ended with standing ovations of the audience and a group photograph as a remembrance of the day.