The Deputy Minister of Culture of Uzbekistan Nazarbekov visited TURKSOY Headquarters

Thursday, 24 January 2019

The delegation headed by the Deputy Minister of Culture of Uzbekistan Ozodbek Nazarbekov  visited TURKSOY Headquarters and met with the Secretary General of TURKSOY, Ambassador  Dusen Kasseinov and staff members of TURKSOY.

In the meeting which took place in TURKSOY Headquarters Ambassador Kaseinov and Deputy Minister Nazarbekov discussed how to forster existing ties between TURKSOY and Uzbekistan as well as joint activities to be carried out in the near future.

The Secretary General of TURKSOY, Ambassador Dusen Kasseinov reminded of the fact that the President of Uzbekistan Mr. Shavkat Mirziyoyev who attended the 6th Summit of the Turkic Council held on September 3rd 2018 in Cholpan Ata as a guest of honour  had stressed that with its unique cultural heritage as a city of Turkic Islamic civilization the ancient city of Khiva is a candidate for the title of  Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2020. Ambassador Kasseinov further stressed that the flag of Uzbekistan is always floating in front of TURKSOY Headquarters as a member country of the organization.

Ambassador Kasseinov added that within this framework, he went on an official visit to Uzbekistan upon invitation of the Minister of Culture of Uzbekistan Bahtiyar Sayfullayev and visited the cities of Tashkent, Urgench and Khiva.   

The Deputy Minister of Culture of Uzbekitan who also delivered a speech at the meeting said that Uzbekistan is currently experiencing a period of revival  in which it is paramount to work with an even stronger commitment and zealousness in order to compensate the stagnation regarding diplomatic ties. Deputy Minister  Ozodbek Nazarbekov further added:

“Today, we have visited TURKSOY Headquarters. Our visit was very fruitful. As we have interrupted our cooperation for a short period of time in recent years, we have to swiftly and firmly strengthen our ties with TURKSOY.

Within this framework, TURKSOY has already started working on the commemoration of the 125th anniversary of the birthday of the great author and representative of Uzbek literature Abdullah Kadiri. Hence, we will be holding various commemorative events together with TURKSOY this year to pay tribute to the legacy of Abdullah Kadiri.

The city of Osh was declared Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2019 by the Permanent Council of TURKSOY. We hope that this title will be born by the city of Khiva in Uzbekistan in 2020. Within this framework, we wanted to make a film series dealing with the history of the Khwarazmian Dynasty. Within the framework of this visit, we also met with the producer and screenwriter Mehmet Bozdağ. We will start shooting the film series very soon. And we hope to maket he Premiere of the series at the Opening Ceremony of Khiva, the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2020”.

Today, it is paramount for Uzbekistan as a country which is going through a process of rapid development and renewal to foster and strengthen its cooperation with TURKSOY. Indeed, TURKSOY is the right institution to promote the culture, traditions and customs of the Uzbek people worldwide in the best way possible.

Uzbekistan is getting ready to host 2 big international festivals in 2019. The first is the Minstrels’ Festival and the second the Handcrafts’ Festival. The tradition of minstrelship is the common art of the Turkic World. I am absolutely convinced that TURKSOY will strongly contribute to the organization of these festivals gathering a large number of participants from the Turkic World.”

At the end of the meeting, Ambassador Kasseinov extended the medal of Chingis Aitmatov dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birthday of the world famous Kyrgyz author to the Deputy Minister of Culture of Uzbekistan Ozodbek Nazarbekov  and offered him the  art album   "Reading Chingis Aitmatov".

Deputy Minister Nazarbekov who also visited the building of TURKSOY Headquarters showed a strong interest in the photography exhibition and publications of  TURKSOY.