25th anniversary of TURKSOY celebrated in Paris

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

The International Organization of Turkic Culture TURKSOY celebrated its 25th anniversary in UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

The celebration featured a concert which took place in the presence of  TURKSOY Secretary General Ambassador Dusen Kasseinov, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Paris H. E. Rahman Mustafayev, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Paris H. E. Jan Galiyev and the Ambassador of Turkey to Paris H. E. Ismail Hakkı Musa along with staff members of permanent delegations  of various countries to UNESCO  as well as members of diasporas of Turkic republics in France, officials of NGOs, journalists and many guests.

In the opening speech he delivered prior to the concert,  Ambassador Kasseinov stressed that TURKSOY has carried out many activities on various platforms of UNESCO before and added: "TURKSOY and  UNESCO signed a cooperation protocol in  1996. Within this framework, TURKSOY is one of the most active supporters of UNESCO  in various initiatives it has launched such as the preservation of cultural diversity, the preservation of intangible cultural heritage and the international decade fort he rappprochement of cultures. This year, we have celebrated our 25th anniversary with various exhibitions, conferences, publications and concerts not only in our member countries but also in  in South America , the Far East, the Balkans and Northern Africa. But of course, this celebration here today is of particular importance to us."

The Director of the Division of Member States and Partners, Sector for Priority Africa and External Relations, Mr. Genc Seiti who also delivered a speech prior to the concert expressed his happiness to be hosting a concert of the International Youth Chamber Orchestra of TURKSOY. Mr. Seiti further added that the orchestra composed of young talents of the Turkic World was established in 2010 in order to promote Turkic music culture on a global scale. Mr. Seiti who stressed that within   8 years, this orchestra gave many successful concerts in several countries of the world. To conclude his speech Mr. Seiti satressed the fact that UNESCO considers music as one of the fundamental  means to  transmit and promote culture and to contribute to the rapprochement of cultures.

The date on which the concert of the International Youth Chamber Orchestra of TURKSOY took place also coincided with the date on which the Legend and Cultural Heritage of Dede Korkut Tales was included in the Representative  List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in the 13th Session of the  Intergovernmental Committee of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO with the title “The Heritage of Dede Korkut: Legends, Tales and Music”. In this respect, the concert of the International Youth Chamber Orchestra of TURKSOY dedicated to its 25th anniversary  was yet another successful contribution to its commitment to the worldwide promotion of the music and culture of Turkic peoples.

The orchestra which took the scene with young talented musicians from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Turkmenistan under  Maestro Mustafa Mehmandarov from Azerbaijan enchanted its audience with its performance featuring traditional instruments of the Turkic World.

Soloists of the concert who were accompanied by the orchestra were Nuriyya Huseynova from Azerbaijan  (vocal), Amina Mashkeyeva (piano) and Bakzhol Akazhan (Kyl kopuz) from Kazakhstan, Saikal Abylkasymova (Komuz) from Kyrgyzstan and Ahmet Baran (Qanun) from Turkey. The concert combining Western classical music with traditional folk music was particularly appreciated by  the audience.

In this exceptional concert, spectators also had the opportunity to get acquainted with works by composers of the Turkic World such as Muhammad Atadjanov (Uzbekistan), Ulvi Cemal Erkin, Kamuran Umuzdaş and Ahmet Baran (Turkey), Nury Khalmamedov (Turkmenistan), Kuat Shildebayev and Ties Kazhgaliyev (Kazakhstan), Seitaliy Medetov and Atai Ogonbayev (Kyrgyzstan) as well as  Niyazi and Fikret Amirov (Azerbaijan).

Prior to the concert, spectators who got acquainted with publications of TURKSOY also had the opportunity to visit the exhibition of photographs giving them an insight into activities carried out by  TURKSOY.