Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of TURKSOY and the 95th Anniversary of the ACC in Ankara

Monday, 26 November 2018

TURKSOY organized a wonderful concert dedicated to its 25th anniversary in Ankara .

Within the framework of the  25th anniversary of TURKSOY and the 95th anniversary of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ACC) a wonderful concert featuring the Youth Chamber Orchestra of TURKSOY accompanied by artists of the Orchestra of Folk Instruments of TURKSOY was held on November 26th, 2018.

The event which took place in the Concert Hall of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Turkey was preceded by a press conference.

At the press conference a "Cooperation Protocol" was signed between  TURKSOY and the  ACC. The aim of the afore-mentioned protocol will be to carry out academic and technical activities as well as to organize  conferences, congresses, exhibitions, competitions, festivals and concerts.

The cooperation protocol was signed by TURKSOY Secretary General Ambassador Dusen Kasseinov and the Chairman of the ACC.

In the speech he delivered at the press conference, Secretary General Kasseinov  expressed his happiness and enthusiasm to be launching a new era in the cooperation of TURKSOY with the ACC which is one of the most ancient institutions of the Republic of Turkey. Mr. Kasseinov further stressed his belief in the fact that TURKSOY's cooperation with the ACC will be a strong contribution to the building of a common future for Turkic peoples and will ensure that our young generations grow up and are educated in an environment which is respectuous of their own cultural values and traditions.

Mr. Kasseinov who also touched upon the tour of the orchestra to Europe further said: “Following our concert here today, our orchestra will go on tour in Europe. In this tour which will last a week,  we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of our organization which is the UNESCO of the Turkic World in the Headquarters of UNESCO  in Paris. This concert in Paris will then be followed by a performance of our orchestra in Vienna, the capital of Austria which is also  known as the capital of music. The last concert of this tour of our orchestra which gathers different young talents of the Turkic World every year will take place in Bratislava.” 

At the end of the concert, Secretary General Kasseinov Dusen Kasseinov extended a 25th anniversary medal to the Chairman of the ACC Mr. Baran.

The concert of the Youth Chamber Orchestra of TURKSOY which gathered a large audience in Ankara started with classics of Western classical music and went on with the performance of works by composers from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and  Uzbekistan.

The concert which was strongly appreciated by the audience featured  soloists from  Azerbaijan (Nuriyya Huseynova), Kazakhstan (Amina Mashkeyeva -piano,  and Bakzhol Akazhan - Kıl kopuz), Kyrgyzstan (Saikal Abylkasymova - Komuz) and Turkey (Ahmet Baran -Qanun)  were accompanied by the Youth Chamber Orchestra of TURKSOY, thus contributing to a colourful and unique performance combining Western classical music with  traditional folk music.

The highlight of the concert featuring artists of the Turkic World under Maestro Mustafa Mehmandarov (Azerbaijan) was the performance of "Katibim", a famous folksong to the rhythm of  which the audience joyfully clapped.