Concert of TURKSOY at the Museum of Music Instruments in Japan

Sunday, 18 November 2018

On November 18th, 2018, the Orchestra of Folk Instruments of TURKSOY took the scene in a special concert it gave at the Hamamatsu Museum of Music Instruments which is the first museum of Japan exclusively displaying music instruments.

Preparations regarding the event to take place in the museum had started months ago. Hence, as a result of the fruitful cooperation initiated between TURKSOY and the museum , the city of Hamamatsu was included in the tour of Orchestra of Folk Instruments of TURKSOY  in Japan.

In the statement he made prior to the concert regarding the cooperation between TURKSOY and the museum, the Director of the  Hamamatsu Museum of Music Instruments Kazuhiko Shima shared some information on music instruments of the Turkic World with the guests, and extended his gratitude to TURKSOY for having brought together artists from different countries at the Hamamatsu Museum of Music Instruments.

The event which featured all artists participating in the tour lasted approximately 2 hours. During the concert, spectators were also asked questions on instruments played by the performing artists. Those who gave the correct answers were offered a DVD of the  Orchestra of Folk Instruments of TURKSOY.

Artists who took the scene in the city of  Hamamatsu located three hours away from Tokyo also had the opportunity to visit the museum prior to the concert. The lyrical artist from Kyrgyzstan Janar Turatova said: “This museum is literally a paradise for us, I had never seen so many different instruments all at once before. I hope that many other such museums will be established all around the world. The Japanes people have been wonderfully hospitable and thşs tour of TURKSOY has been full of unforgettable moments for me. This visit and the concert we gave in this very special place will be part of these unforgettable moments.”

Meaningful gesture by the  Uzbek artist  Rovshanjan Yunusov

The Uzbek artist  Rovshanjan Yunusov  who was also part of the Orchestra of Folk Instruments of TURKSOY was one of the most appreciated artists of the orchestra throughout the tour.

Following the enthusiastic applause of the audience for his colourful performance on the doyra in the Hamamatsu Museum of Music Instruments, Yunusov said that he would like to offer his doyra to the museum.

Rovshanjan Yunusov  further said: “This is really a wonderful museum. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to TURKSOY which has given us the opportunity to see this beautiful place and witness its atmosphere. When  I visited the museum prior to the concert, I noticed that there is no doyra. The doyra is our national instrument and I would like to offer my doyra to this beautiful museum on behalf of Uzbekistan and the Turkic World”. While the artist received an enthusiastic applause for this statement, the Director of the museum  Kazuhiko Shima extended his gratitude to him fort his special gift  and said that as long as the the Hamamatsu Museum of Music Instruments exists this doyra will be carefully preserved and introduced to millions of visitors.