Cooperation Protocol signed between TURKSOY and the Archers' Foundation

Wednesday, 07 November 2018

A cooperation protocol was signed between the International Organization of Turkic Culture and the Archers' Foundation in a ceremony held on November 7th, 2018.

The ceremony was preceded by a press conference gathering  TURKSOY Secretary General Ambassador  Dusen Kasseinov, the Chief Advisor to the President of the Republic of Turkey and Chairman of the Archers' Foundation Haydar Ali Yıldız and the Mayor of Beyoğlu Ahmet Misbah Demircan.

IN the speech he delivered at the meeting, TURKSOY Secretary General   Kasseinov expressed his happiness as to the fact that the gala concert of the National Orchestra of Folk Instruments of TURKSOYis hosted by the Archers' Foundation and takes place within the framework of 25th anniversary celebrations of TURKSOY  in Istanbul, the world capital of culture and art.

Mr. Kasseinov who expressed his happiness to launch a new period in the cooperation between the Archers' Foundation and TURKSOY  further added: “The Archers' Foundation has successfully contributed to the pormotion of traditional archery within a short period of time and we are looking forward to pursuing this success together in other fields of our rich cultural heritage including traditional arts and traditional music. On friday, we are going to open a great exhibition in the Museum of Turkic Islamic Art entitled "The Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Great Steppe". Next year, we will further hold exhibitions and meetings on traditional Turkic archery in Turkic republics. I believe that these joint activities of ours will help us raise generations of people who are aware of their own cultural values to build the common future of Turkic peoples.” 

The Chairman of the Archers' Foundation Mr. Haydar Ali Yıldız said that TURKSOY is a major organization of the Turkic World.

Mr. Yıldız who also said that TURKSOY was established to enable and foster cultural cooperation under the auspices of the Heads of States of Turkic speaking countries sharing the same culture  added that the National Orchestra of Folk Instruments of TURKSOY will go on tour in Japan to promote Turkic culture and introduce it to its people and that it has taken the scene in Turkey prior to this tour.

Mr. Yıldız who further said that the Archers' Foundation is always ready to support activities carried out by TURKSOY in the Turkic World added: "Today, we are sharing this cooperation with you through this protocol. What matters is to claim ownership of our own cultural values. With the concert it will give this evening, the Orchestra of Folk Instruments of TURKSOY composed of artists from countries which share a common history and civilization such as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will take amateurs of music in Istanbul onto an unforgettable journey through melodies of the Turkic World. It is pleasure for us to be hosting the concert of the National Orchestra of Folk Instruments of TURKSOY within the framework of the 25th anniversary celebrations of TURKSOY."

In the signature ceremony held following the press conference, the cooperation protocol between TURKSOY and the Archers' Foundation was signed by Mr.  Dusen Kasseinov and  Haydar Ali Yıldız. Mr. Kasseinov handed over the 25th anniversary medal of TURKSOY to the Chairman of the Archers' Foundation Mr. Yıldız. The meeting ended with a group photograph of artists from the Turkic World as a remembrance of the day.

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