Chingis Aitmatov was commemorated in Istanbul

Saturday, 03 November 2018

The great Kyrgyz author Chingis Aitmatov was commemorated in a special event organized in cooperation of the International Organization of Turkic Culture  TURKSOY with the Turkish Literature Foundation and the Department of Cultural Affairs of the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul.

The commemorative event entitled "90th Anniversary of the Birthday of Chingis Aitmatov, the Wise Author of the Turkic World" took place in the Turkish Literature Foundation and started with a documentary on Aitmatov’s life and work.

TURKSOY Secretary General Dusen Kasseinov who reminded of the fact that 2018 was declared year of Chingis Aitmatov by TURKSOY  said that this will strongly contribute to the promotion of Aitmatov and his works.
Mr. Kasseinov who further said that he had the opportunity to discuss and work together with Aitmatov added that: "He was aware of the importance of a people’s own local culture but his ideas were all the more so universal. They reflected on the present time, but they were also future-oriented and always focused on benefits for society. I did not only read about these ideas in his works, I have personally witnessed them. The late Aitmatov always said: “We are those who load ideas on the caravane of thoughts.” He did not only produce ideas but also concretely contributed to the realization of man major projects."

"A Great Gift of Kyrgyz Literature for the World "

Prof. Kasseinov who stressed that there are very few influential intellectuals like Aitmatov today  further said:

"Today, the world is not only  going through a major transformation process but also in search of a new direction. Humanity is trying to find solutions to many social issues and needs new inspiration for justice and freedom. Problems need to be solved in a peaceful manner through peaceful negotiations. In this respect, it is important to understand and explain Aitmatov and his ideas not only fort he Turkic World but for humanity in general. In fact, there is no use explaining what Aitmatov’s work was about to his brothers, sisters or readers. Indeed, Aitmatov is a whole concept of his own. Anyone who reads his works becomes part of his vision of the world. Aitmatov’s world as he sees it is made of  sharing, freedom, love, effort, brotherhood, patriotism, ecology, peace, tranquility and happiness."

Prof. Kasseinov also said that if humanity wants to find solutions to its sufferings it must listen to Chingis Aitmatov’s advice and added that Chingis Aitmatov led an exemplary life in all respects.

The Chairman of the Turkish Literature Foundation Mr. Serhat Kabaklı who also said a few words stressed that Chingis Aitmatov is a great gift of Kyrgyz literature to the world.

Mr. Kabaklı who added that further activities will be carried out to contribute to the Turkic World said that  Aitmatov is a hero who deserves the Nobel Prize of our hearts.

"Third most published author of the world"

The educationist author  Imdat Avşar said that Chingis Aitmatov must be commemorated all over the Turkic World with meetings gathering a higher number of people.

Mr. Avşar who said that to understand Aitmatov, one must know some of the periods of his life further added: "Chingis Aitmatov is an important author in world literature. Indeed, his works have been translated into more than 180 languages thus introducing Turkic culture to the world."

Mr. Avşar who also said that  Aitmatov lived his childhood in poverty, added that: "Chingis Aitmatov chose art as a means to overcome problems. And while he was struggling to do so he had to deal with censorship  so he used a metaphoric language to transmit his message to the people. He used mythologic figures as well as items of national culture which he skillfully integrated in his works. Chingis Aitmatov’s main ideal was to  preserve the Turkic spirit and awareness withinm the soviet system. In his works, he dealt with love and war which are two universal subjects. As a realistic author, almost all works of  Aitmatov feature these two leitmotivs."

The people’s poet of Kyrgyzstan Kojogeldi Kuliyev who also took the floor at the event said that Aitmatov used symbols in almost all of his works.

Mr. Kuliyev who also said that Chingis Aitmatov is the third most published author of the world added:

"As you know, the figure eight means infinity and eternity when written horizontally. Interestingly enough, this figure occurs very often in  Aitmatov's life. He was born in  1928 and died in 2008 at the age of 80. He left his father in 1938. This separation had a life-long impact for him. The tomb of his father who was executed was discovered in 1980. His masterpiece which brought him world fame “Jamila” was written in 1958. Many other similar examples may be given. It seems that from his birthday onwards, the figure 8 already announced that Chingis Aitmatov would become a world famous author whose name would live forever."

Cooperation protocol signed between TURKSOY and the Turkish Literature Foundation

Mr. Kuliyev also said that before Chingis Aitmatov became famous, the Kyrgyz people did not want to name their children Chingis due to the fact this name recalled that of Chingis Khan and added: "The reason for this is that Chingis Khan was known as an invader who plundered everything on his way. So it is quite interesting that Aitmatov was named Chingis. Today, many Kyrgyz people name their children Chingis and this name is very popular in Kyrgyzstan. As the great Kazak poet Muhtar Şahanov said: “Chingis Khan conquered the world with his sword, but Chingis Aitmatov conquered it with his pencil”.

The speeches were followed by the signature of a cooperation protocol between TURKSOY and the Turkish Literature Foundation. Pursuant to this protocol, the Turkish Literature Foundation  will host activities carried out by TURKSOY in Istanbul  and oprganize joint activities in the Turkic World together with  TURKSOY.

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