Youth Chamber Choir of TURKSOY on tour in Kazakhstan

Thursday, 04 October 2018

The Youth Chamber Choir of TURKSOY composed of young choir singers selected from the best conservatories of TURKSOY member countries was established by the International Organization of Turkic Culture in 2015 in order to foster the exchange of repertoires, conductors and artists among orchestras of the Turkic World  on the one hand while introducing the rich music heritage of Turkic speaking peoples to the world. Shortly after its establishment, this choir  won three gold medals at the Second European Choir Games held in Germany. The orchestra which has since then been a great source of pride for the Turkic World will now give concerts in various cities of Kazakhstan between October 5th-20th, 2018.

Within the framework of its tour to Kazakhstan, the Youth Chamber Choir of TURKSOY will first take the scene in  the "Astana-Voice of the World" festival which will take place for the first time in the capital of country with the contribution of more than  500 choir singers. 

The "Astana-Voice of the World" festival  organized in cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Kazakhstan with the Union of Choir Masters of Kazakhstan will take place within the framework of the  6th Congress of World and Traditional Religions. At this festival, the Youth Chamber Choir of TURKSOY will take the scene together with  famous choirs of 25 countries from 5 continents and perform Western choir classics as well as works by compoers of the Turkic World.

Within the framework of this festival which will be a colourful contribution to cultural events held in the capital of Kazakhstan, the Youth Chamber Choir of TURKSOY will also attend masterclasses and finally take the scene in Gala Concerts in the Astana Opera on October 10th-11th, 2018.

The tour of the Youth Chamber Choir of TURKSOY to Kazakhstan will feature concerts in Karagandy (October 13th), Pavlodar (October 15th), Semey (October 16th), Oskemen (October 17th) and Astana (October 19th).  The choir which will represent the Turkic World with 38 artists from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Tatarstan (RF) will take the scene under its choir master from Kazakhstan  Gulmira Kuttybadamova.

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