First "Ashure of the Turkic World" Cooked in Konya

Monday, 01 October 2018

For the first time, the Ateşbaz Veli Aşçı Dede Cuisine Festival organized with the contribution of the International Organization of Turkic Culture TURKSOY in Konya featured a “Turkic World Ashure”, a traditional dessert made with ingredients from various regions of the Turkic World.

The festival organized by the Municipality of Konya Meram between September  27th-29th, 2018 gathered  the Provincial Chairman of the AK Party in Konya Mr. Hasan Angı, the District Governor of Meram Mr. Resul Çelik,  the Mayor of Selçuklu Mr. Ahmet Pekyatırmacı, the Director General of KOSKI Ercan Uslu, the County Chairman of the AK Party  Mr. Mustafa Dolular, the Deputy Rector of the Necmettin Erbakan University  Önder Kutlu and the Chairman of the Association of All Restaurants and Tourism Entrepreneurs (TURES) Mr. Ramazan Bingöl along with many guests and citizens.

In the speech she delivered at the opening of the  Ateşbaz Veli Aşçı Dede Cuisine Festival  organized in commemoration of the mystic philosopher Mevlana’s cook Ateşbâz-ı Veli, the Mayor of Meram Mrs. Fatma Toru said that the cuisine   of every nation is a reflection of its lifestyle and gives important hints as to its character. Mrs. Toru who also said that  Ateşbaz Veli Aşçı Dede was the first cook in the world whom a shrine was built in the name of added that he was just as elegant and wise as a Mevlevî. Mrs. Toru further said:  “Its our priority to preserve the traditional cuisine of our city. Indeed, it is a precious heritage left behind by our ancestors and we have to preserve it and promote it in the best way we can”. Mrs. Toru who also quoted the maxim of the great  Ismail Gaspyraly "Unity in Language, Thoughts and Actions"added that with this event featuring the “Unity of the Turkic World in Gastronomy”, the Turkic World’s unity has once again been  stressed.

The opening speeches of the festival were followed by  a “Cauldron Opening Ceremony” during which guests were offered culinary delicacies of the Turkic World as well as some “ashure” which is a traditional dessert made with pulses, wheat and dried fruits. The festival went on in the Coppice Forest of Dutlu where a Seljukian Marquee was built. The stands featuring “Culinary Specialities from Seven Regions of the Turkic World” and “Kitchen Tools” raised great interest among visitors. Highlights of the festival were “Gastro-Shows” by guest cooks from the Turkic World Abuzar Shiraliyev (Azerbaijan), Bauyrzhan Nurgali (Kazakhstan) and Talantbek Turganbayev  (Kyrgyzstan) who received standing ovations from visitors.

The festival gave the opportunity to all visitors to discover culinary delicacies from 7 regions of Turkey and the Turkic World. Within the framework of the festival, a competition of “Local  Cuisine  of Konya” also took place where participating cooks competed with eachother to be the best among all.

The festival which is one of the most important events held in order to foster the gastronomic tourism of Konya ended with the distribution of the  "Ashure Soup". This year, for the first time, the “Ashure Soup” distributed to 10 thousand people was made with ingredients brought to Konya by cooks from the Turkic World who were invited to the Festival by  TURKSOY. Hence, the “Turkic World Ashure” was distributed to citizens by the Mayor of Meram Mrs. Fatma Toru.