Conference on Turkic peoples of the Borchaly Region of Georgia and Prof. Dr. Cemal Mustafayev held in Bursa

Friday, 28 September 2018

Within the framework of its series of conferences on Pioneers of the Turkic World, TUKSOY held a  conference dedicated to Turkic peoples of the Borchaly  Region of Georgia  and Prof. Dr. Cemal Mustafayev in Bursa.

The event organized in cooperation of the International Organization of Turkic Culture TURKSOY with the Municipality of Bursa Osmangazi  gathered the Deputy Mayor of Osmangazi Cem Kürşad Hasanoğlu, the Director of Culture and Social Affairs Kenan Kır, the Chairman of the Association of Borchaly Turks Zelimhan Memmedli, Mr. Vügar Novruzoğlu from TURKSOY along with representatives of various NGOs in Bursa and amateurs of the traditiona of minstrelship.

The Mayor  Cem Kürşad Hasanoğlu who delivered the opening speech of the conference said that from the Balkans to China, all territories where our ancestors lived are our homeland. The Mayor further added that the Municipality of Ozmangazi has always stood in a close relations  to the Turkic World and that various events have been carried out in Osmangazi within the framework of this close relationship. Mr. Hasanoğlu who also said that thanks to Borchaly Turks  the ancestral legacy of Dede Korkut has been preserved and transmitted from one generation to the next until today, thus keeping his precious legacy alive.

The he Chairman of the Association of Borchaly Turks Zelimhan who also delivered a speech at the event gave some detailed information on the history, lifestyle, traditions and scholars of the Borchaly region. Mr. Memmedli who made a presentation on  Prof. Dr. Cemal Mustafayev the famous Borchaly philosopher said that when transmitting the legacy of famous philosophers and wisemen to young generations, Mustafayev always stressed the importance of being a humanist above all. Mr. Memmedli who also stressed that Borchaly Turks are an essential component of the Turkic World said that everything necessary will be done to further strengthen  the cooperation between the Borchaly region of Georgia and the Turkic World.

The conference went on with a reading of poems by the poet and Chairman of the Minstrelship Association of Borchaly Mr. Osman Ahmetoğlu who recited poems by poets of Borchaly. The reading was followed by a chort concert featuring coulorful performances of minstrels Mrs. Nargile Mehtiyeva from the Borchaly Region of Georgia,  Mr. Selahattin Dündar from Turkey and Termeyhan Kurbanov from Azerbaijan and the Borchaly Sarvan Folk Dance Ensemble which were strongly appreciated by the audience.