Colourful Impressions at the 36th International Minstrel Seyrani Festival

Wednesday, 08 August 2018

The 36th International  Minstrel Seyrani Festival which is the most important cultural and artistic event of the Municipality of Kayseri Develi took place between August 2nd-4th, 2018 this year. The festival featured colourful events and performances which raised great enthusiasm.

The festival started with a  Mevlidi Şerif prayer in memory of Minstrel Seyrani in the Çarşı Mosque and went on with a procession of Protocol members and citizens of Develi which started in front of the Municipality building. The procession was followed by the opening of a photography exhibition of TURKSOY in the  Mustafa Aksu Cultural Center of the Municipality of Develi  featuring photos of Turkistan, the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2017  and the Khoja Akhmet Yassawi Mosque.

The photos resulting from the Photographers' Gathering of TURKSOY held in Turkistan, the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2017 were introduced to the visitors by the Head of Department of the Secretariat General of TURKSOY. Following the opening of the  Minstrel Seyrani  Memorial Square by the Mayor of Develi Mehmet Cabbar and protocol members, the delegation visited the stands introducing local products and handcrafts.

In the speech he delivered at the opening of the concert held at the Republic Square, the Head of Department of TURKSOY Sancar Mülazımoğlu said: “The mission of TURKSOY as an international organization is to raise awareness about the contribution of Turkic peoples to  world civilization among ourselves first and of course worldwide, to make the best use of our cultural heritage to produce new works of art and to strengthen cultural ties among Turkic peoples through joint activities in all fields of art ranging from painting, music, theater, cinema, architecture and intangible cultural heritage to  literature and fine arts, to come closer together and cooperate with eachother to produce new works of art and introduce them to the world as well as to future generations.” At the end of the opening of the concert, the Head of Department of TURKSOY Mr. Mülazımoğlu was handed over a plaquette and souvenir by the Mayor of Develi who received a 25th Anniversary Plate of TURKSOY from Mr. Mülazımoğlu.

In the opening speech he delivered at the event, the Mayor of Develi Mehmet Cabbar announced that the festival will feature colourful events during three days and said: “We are proud to be fellow citizens of Seyrani and it is with great joy that we have been organizing this festival dedicated to him for 36 years.” 

Upon initiative of TURKSOY, the festival also featured colourful performances of the Astana Folk Dance Ensemble wearing traditional garments  and the soloist from Kazakhstan  Lara Rysbai who sang joyful Kazak melodies which received standing ovations from the audience in Develi.  Colourful folk dance performances of the Turkic World were followed  by minstrels' concerts which took place every evening throughout the festival  and enchanted the audience during three days. The 36th International Minstrel Seyrani Culture and Art Festival featuring various artistic and cultural events ended with colourful performances.