TÜRKSOY Gençlik Oda Orkestrası Balkan Turnesi Prizren Konseriyle Devam Ediyor

Friday, 27 July 2018

The Youth Chamber Orchestra of TURKSOY which started its tour to the Balkans in Pristina on July 26th, 2018, gave its second concert in Prizren. The concert which took place in the Lumbardhi Cinema in Prizren on July 28th Temmuz 2018  gathered TURKSOY Deputy Seretary General Prof. Dr. Fırat Purtaş, the Minister of Public Administration of the Republic of Kosovo  Mr.  Mahir Yağcılar, the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in  Prizren Mrs. Eylem Altunya and the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International "Awakening Through Art" Festival  Mr.  Ethem Baymak along with many amateurs of art.


The concert started with a minute of silence in memory of the deceased Kosovar politician and author  Adem Demachi.


This year, the Youth Chamber Orchestra of TURKSOY gathering yıl  Hüseynali Hüseynaliyev from Azerbaijan,  Assem Kalman, Almaz Nigmatov, Aidar Kazken and Ulpa Ibrayeva from Kazakhstan,  Uulzhan Taalaibekova and Akkyz Idrisova from Kyrgyzstan,  Daniil Margulis, Ozgur Deniz Kaya, Aliya Okeev, Ecem Eren and Ilayda Unalan from Turkey and Sabina Alikperova, Kakageldi Hojalekov, Toyly Yagshyyev and Bahram Dolyyev from Turkmenistan took the scene under Maestro Mustafa Mehmandarov from Azerbaijan.


The tour of the orchestra dedicated to the 25th anniversary of TURKSOY features a colourful repertoire with world famous classics by Jean Sibelius, Anton Arensky and Johann Sebastian Bach as well as works by composers of the Turkic World such as  Gara Garayev from Azerbaijan, Nury Khalmamedov from Turkmenistan,  Seitaly Medetov from Kyrgysztan and  Ulvi Cemal Erkin from Turkey.


Talented artists of the Youth Chamber Orchestra of TURKSOY will  pursue their tour in the Balkans with a concert in Cetinje on July 30th followed by a concert in Mostar on August 1st and a concert in Sarajevo on August 3rd. The final performance of the tour will taka place in Zenica on August 4th, 2018.


With their tour in the Balkans this year, musicians of the  Youth Chamber Orchestra of TURKSOY will have given colourful performances in  various cities of Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo. 

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