TURKSOY at the Traditional Ramadan Event of Keçiören

Friday, 08 June 2018

Artists of the Turkic World who came to Turkey on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of TURKSOY as well as of Traditional Ramadan Celebrations took the scene in International Ramadan Events organized by the Municipality of Keçiören.

The event hosted by the Municipality of Keçiören and its Mayor  took place on the central square of Keçiören gathering a large audience including  the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to  Ankara H. E.  Abzal Saparbekuly, the former President of the Grand National Assembly of the Republic of Turkey  and MP of Ankara Cemil Çiçek, TURKSOY Deputy Secretary General Fırat Purtaş, the Director of the State Philharmonic Orchestra of Kyzylorda Talgat Makashov, the MP candidate of the AK Party from Ankara Zeynep Yıldız and the Chairman of the Federation of Associations of Yozgat Ahmet Koç along with many citizens and members of the press media.

The concert was preceded by the opening of the Culture Houses of TURKSOY and Yozgat featuring items of culture and art of the Turkic World.

The Mayor of Keçiören Mustafa Ak who delivered a speech at the event said that TURKSOY is participatng in the International Ramadan Events of Keçiören every year  and added:  “TURKSOY is an international organization which carries out major activities regarding the culture and art of Turkic republics. Thanks to TURKSOY, we get acquainted with wonderful artists every year. Let me therefore extend my deepest gratitude to this valuable organization. I hope that we will further cooperate with eachother in the future. Today, our Ramadan event is dedicated to  TURKSOY and Yozgat. We continue coming together with our kindred peoples. May this great tradition of Ramadan bring about mercy, abundance and forgiveness to all muslims of the world. We are happy to welcome and host our kindred peoples here in Keçiören on the occasion of this meaningful celebration. The unity and solidarity of our country is of course important, but the unity and solidarity of all countries of the Turkic World and of all countries where there is oppression is just as important for us. Therefore we hope that their unity and solidarity will last forever as well”.

TURKSOY Deputy Secretary General Prof. Dr. Fırat Purtaş who also delivered a speech at the event stressed the importance of this event gathering artists from Kyzyorda/Kazakhstan, the homeland of Dede Korkut and minstrelship with soloists from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey and said: "Since the beginning of this festival, we have been participating in it every year for nine years. Today, we will introduce colourful melodies of the Turkic World to you. This event plays a key role in the strengthening of ties of brotherhood in the Turkic World and the promotion of its culture. Hence, thanks to Keçiören, the world gets to know Turkey and Turkey gets acquainted with the Turkic Islamic world through Keçiören."

The former President of the Grand National Assembly of the Republic of Turkey  and MP of Ankara Cemil Çiçek who also delivered a speech at the event stressed that  these Ramadan Events which have been held for nine years play a key role in bringing together kindred countries of the Turkic World and their peoples: “The Turkic World is particularly important for us. During the Soviet Regime, our political ties and our friendship with the Turkic World did exist as well but they were rather weak. As these countries declared their independence and gained a reputable position among nations and states of the world our mutual ties also beacme stronger. Now we are catching up with all these years spent apart from eachother. The Turkic World is the land of our ancestors and fathers, Turkey is our “motherland”. This is why we are proud and honoured every time we here something positive concerning the Turkic World.”

Mr. Çiçek who also touched upon the importance of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev for the Turkic World said that ties among countries and peoples of the Turkic World have been institutionalized thanks to  his initiatives, support and recommendations and that TURKSOY is also one of the results thereof.

Mr. Çiçek further said: "Let me wish a Happy Ramadan to all peoples of the Turkic World from Central Asia to the Balkans and wherever else they may be."

The exchange of souvenirs among members of the Protocol was followed by the concert featuring performances of artists from the Turkic World. 

The Tyrmagambet Orchestra and artists of the Turkic World who came to Turkey to celebrate Ramadan together with their brothers and sisters in Turkey on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of TURKSOY gave a wonderful concert which literally enchanted the citizens of Keçiören.

Artists from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Uzbekistan who performed together with the Tyrmagambet Orchestra of Kazakhstan took their audience onto an unforgettable journey through colourful melodies of the Turkic World under their conductors Maestro Keulimjay Botabayev and Maestro Mussilim Amze.

The soloists of the concert were Arzu Kurbani and Muhsin Kurbani from Azerbaijan, Zahid Yusupov from Uzbekistan, Symbat Tasbergenova, Ruslan Ahmetov, Bibigul Januzak, Mahat Makulbekov, Magjan Amanjolov and Alimjan Absadykov from Kazakhstan and Feryal Tüzün Başer from Turkey.

The event ended with a group photograph gathering Protocol members and artists of the Turkic World.