Artists of the Turkic World took the scene in Aksaray

Wednesday, 06 June 2018

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of TURKSOY and Ramadan Events, a concert featuring folk songs of the Turkic World was held in  Aksaray.

Artists of the Tyrmagambet Orchestra took the scene in Aksaray within the framework of the 25th anniversary of TURKSOY and Ramadan Events.
Artists from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Uzbekistan who are  on tour in Turkey to share the joy of Ramadan with their kindred people of Anatolia took the scene together with the  Tyrmagambet Orchestra  from  Kazakhstan and performed traditional melodies of the Turkic World. The  concert which took place in the Open Air Theater in the  Central Park of Aksaray was particularly appreciated by the audience stayed there until the end of the event despite the rainy weather.
Performances of  Arzu Kurbani and Muhsin Kurbani from Azerbaijan,  Zahid Yusupov from Uzbekistan, Simbat Tasbergenova, Mahat Makulbekov, Magjan Amanjolov and Alimjan Absadykov from Kazakhstan, Janara Shaildabekova from Kyrgyzstan and Feryal Tüzün Başer from Turkey accompanied by the Tyrmagambet Orchestra under the conductors  Maestro Keulimjay Botabayev and Maestro Mussilim Amze were particularly appreciated by the audience and raised great enthusiasm even among the audience with young spectators who danced and adult spectators who clapped to the rhythm of the songs.

At the end of the concert, TURKSOY Secretary General  Dusen Kasseinov went on stage and extended the 25th anniversary plate of TURKSOY to the Mayor of  Aksaray Haluk Şahin Yazgı. The event ended with  a group photograph together with artists of the Turkic World.