Valuable contribution of TURKSOY to the Near East University

Tuesday, 05 June 2018

A protocol  was signed between TURKSOY and the Near East University (NEU). The  Protocol aims at the donation of paintings by TURKSOY to the  Museum of Contemporary Arts which will be established in the TRNC.

The protocol which will make it possible for paintings by artists of the Turkic World to be exhibited on a permanent basis was signed by TURKSOY Secretary General  Prof. Dusen Kasseinov  and the Founding Rector of the Near East University  Dr. Suat Günsel. The signature ceremony gathered TURKSOY Deputy Secretary General Prof. Dr. Fırat Purtaş and the Deputy Rector of the NEU Mr. Fahrettin Sadıkoğlu along with other officials.

The signature ceremony was preceded by video presentations on the Museum of Contemporary Arts to be established  by the NEU and on photos of the Painters' Gathering of TURKSOY held in cooperation of TURKSOY with the TRNC.

In the speech he delivered at the ceremony, TURKSOY Secretary General  Kasseinov said that  TURKSOY which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year has been cooperating with the NEU for 10 years and added that this  cooperation has brought about very fruitful results so far in terms of the common future of the Turkic World and its cultural integration.

Prof. Kasseinov who said that this protocol is taking the cooperation between TURKSOY and the NEU onto a higher level  added:  "We have gathered her today to launch a project which will raise the level of our mutual cooperation, contribute to the enrichening of culture and art in the TRNC and to the support of painters of the Turkic World. 

We wanted to make our contribution to the Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts which will be established by the Near East University. So with our 20 years of experience, we have decided to contribute to this project with paintings by artists of the Turkic World who took part in our Painters' Gathering held in the TRNC every year. Thanks to the valuable support of staff members of the university we have set up this beautiful exhibition and we will be donating 17 more paintings from our collection to the Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts to enrich its collection. This museum will contribute to the promotion of artists of the Turkic World in the TRNC through the exhibition of their works and transmit our rich cultural heritage to young generations."

Dr. Suat Günsel who gave some information on the Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts to be established in the near future said:  "With more than 30 thousand students, 120 publications per year, 200 constantly ongoing projects, 2 million publications, and electronic access to 450 million sources  our university which has a library jointly selected by Presidents of the Turkic World also features the biggest cultural center and hospital of its region  along with electrical car projects and the biggest mosque of the region. Hence, our university is successfully pursuing its activities and will be doing so in the future."

Dr. Günsel further said: "Culture and art are two essential fields of activity for us in Cyprus. The more we are integrated with the culture and art of the Turkic World,  the stronger our unity and solidarity with eachother will be. It is with this frame of mind that we are carrying out activities to raise awareness about the TRNC among Turkic peoples and these activities include cooperation agreements with universities of the Turkic World as well as annual scholarships for students from countries of the Turkic World. Art anc culture play a key role in preserving our integration with the Turkic World. This is why we have decided to establish a common museum of the Turkic World. The museum will be operational within two years of time and we have already started working on it with the acquisition of  more than 1500 works already completed.  I am really very happy. This project will considerably strengthen our unity. It is a great feeling to know that we are not alone in the Mediterranean basin."

Following the speeched,  Prof. Dusen Kasseinov extended the painting offered by TURKSOY to the Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts and the medal of TURKSOY dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the independence of Turkic republics to Dr. Suat Günsel.