Concert featuring melodies of the Turkic World in the historical district of Taşköprü in Kastamonu

Sunday, 03 June 2018

Within the framework of the 25th anniversary of the International Organization of Turkic Culture  TURKSOY and traditional Ramadan Events, a concert featuring melodies of the Turkic World took place in the district of Taşköprü in Kastamonu.

Artists of the Turkic World who came from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Uzbekistan to celebrate the 25th anniversary of  TURKSOY in Kastamonu, the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2018 took the scene together with the Tyrmagambet Orchestra of Kazakhstan in  Taşköprü.
The concert which gathered a large audience at the central square of Taşköprü took place in the presence of the Governor of  Kastamonu Valisi Yaşar Karadeniz, TURKSOY Deputy Secretary General Prof. Dr. Fırat Purtaş, the MP from  Kastamonu Hüseyin Köylü, the Mayor of Kastamonu Tahsin Babaş, the Chief Advisor of the Governor of  the Province of Kyzylorda in Kazakhstan Yerjan Abdurahmanov and the Mayor of Taşköprü Hüseyin Arslan along with representatives of institutions and organizations in  Kastamonu as well as several members of the press media.

The Deputy Secretary General of TURKSOY Prof. Dr. Purtaş who delivered the opening speech of the concert wished a happy Ramadan to citizens of Taşköprü and thanked them for sharing their joy of Ramadan with representatives of the Turkic World. Mr. Purtaş further said that this concert bringing together the citizens of Taşköprü with their kindred people will introduce  songs and melodies of the Turkic World from Kazakhstan (kuys), Azerbaijan (mahnys), Uzbekistan (kuys), Kyrgyzstan (jyrs) to  them while contributing to the strengthening of their mutual ties of friendship.
In the speech he delivered at the event, the Governor of Kastamonu Yaşar Karadeniz said that many events are being organized within the framework of the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2018  in order to raise awareness about one’s own culture, traditions and customs. Mr. Karadeniz who also said that the culture of Anatolian Turks is rooted in Central Asia and the Turkic World added that his aim is to contribute to the rapprochement among Turkic peoples living in the Turkic World.
Mr. Karadeniz further said that events to celebrate the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World are not only held in the center Kastamonu but also in its districts. 

The Mayor of Kastamonu Tahsin Babaş said that the year  2018 offers major opportunities regarding the promotion of the historical and cultural heritage of Kastamonu. Mr. Babaş said that upon the declaration of Kastamonu as Cultural Capital of the Turkic World by TURKSOY, various events are being carried out to unveil the historical value and heritage of the city and initiate activities aiming at the preservation thereof. Mr. Babaş who said that Kastamonu recently hosted one such event featuring the meeting of the Association of Historical Cities added that as a result of this meeting the Foundation for the Preservation and Promotion of Environmental and Cultural Heritage will suggest the inclusion of the city of Kastamonu in the World Heritage List.

The Mayor of Taşköprü  Mr. Hüseyin Arslan  who also delivered a speech at the event said that the title of Cultural Capital of the Turkic World added further value and importance to Kastamonu and Taşköprü. Mr. Arslan who also stressed the importance of this initiative launched by TURKSOY in 2012  expressed his happiness as to the fact that with a history dating back to the 13th century Kastamonu and Taşköprü  are now bringing together the Turkic World.  

The Advisor of the Governor of Kyzylorda Yerjan Abdurahmanov  who greeted the citizens of Kastamonu and Taşköprü  on behalf of the Kazak people and the citizens of Kyzylorda expressed his wish as to the eternity of ties of brotherhood among Turkic peoples of the Turkic World and extended his gratitude to all those who contributed to  the organization of the event.
The opening  speeches were followed by a concert featuring melodies of the Turkic world performed by the Tyrmagamed Orchestra of Kyzylorda under Maestro Keulimjay Botabayev and Maestro Mussilim Amze  who accompanied the soloists Arzu Kurbani and Muhsin Kurbani from Azerbaijan, Zahid Yusupov from Uzbekistan, Simbat Tasbergenova, Mahat Makulbekov, Magjan Amanjolov and Alimjan Absadykov from Kazakhstan, Janara Shaildabekova from Kyrgyzstan  and Feryal Tüzün Başer from Turkey. As the first international event to take place in Taşköprü which is famous in Turkey for its garlic,  the concert ended with the exchange of souvenirs and a group photograph as a remembrance of the day.

Prior to the concert, the delegation of artists from the Turkic World headed by TURKSOY Deputy Secretary General Prof. Dr. Fırat Purtaş had paid a courtesy visit to the Governor of Kastamonu Yaşar karadeniz and the Mayor of Taşköprü Hüseyin Arslan.