The Azerbaijani composer Gara Garayev was commemorated in Kayseri

Monday, 14 May 2018

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birthday, Gara Garayev, the great composer of Azerbaijan,  was commemorated with a concert in  Kayseri.

Within the framework of the commemorative year it declared to pay tribute to the great composer of Azerbaijan  Gara Garayev on the 100th anniversary of his birthday in 2018, the International Organization of Turkic Culture TURKSOY organized a concert in the Erciyes University of Kayseri.

The concert organized by teachers and musicians of the Music Department of the Erciyes University on the Sabancı Cultural Campus  featured performances of masterpieces composed by  Gara Garayev.

The concert started with presentations by Prof. Dr. Nigar Askerova and Gara Garayev's student, Associate Prof. Dr.  Afak Caferova and went on with performances of  Hakikat Muharremova (piano), Nargiz Eminova (piano), Samir Mirzeyev (piano) and Cemile Askerova (violin) from Azerbaijan, Gulnara Jorobekova (piano) from Kyrgyzstan,  Yuriy Sayutkin (piano) from Russia  and the lyrical artists Gül Fahriye Evren and Mehmet Yıldız  from Turkey.

The colourful concert featured world famous melodies such as  Gara Garayev's "On Roads of Thunder", "Seven Beauties" and "Don Quixote" as well as romances composed on poems by the famous  Russian poet  Aleksandr Pushkin along with  various preludes and sonatas.

At the end of the concert, Mr. Vugar Novruzoglu who attended the concert on behalf of  TURKSOY extended a "Souvenir Plate of TURKSOY" to  Associate Prof. Dr.  Afak Caferova who was one of Gara Garayev's students and co-organized the concert.

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