TURKSOY Center established within the State University of Komrat

Sunday, 08 April 2018

TURKSOY completed the first phase of the run-up to the opening of the TURKSOY Center to be established within the State University of Komrat  in Gagauzia (Moldova).

In  the run-up to the opening of the TURKSOY Center, TURKSOY Deputy Secretary General Prof. Dr. Fırat Purtaş and the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of  Etimesgut Alaattin Sonat came togather with local officials in  Gagauzia (Moldova).
Prof. Dr. Purtaş who came to Komrat with all the technical infrastructure to be used in the center including computers as well as publications of TURKSOY and other materials came together with the Chief of the Administration of Culture and Tourism Affairs of the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia (Moldova) Mrs. Marina Semenova and officials of the Dmitriy Kara Çoban  History and Ethnographic Museum and State Library of the   Komrat University along with artists and intellectuals. 

In the meeting,  Prof. Dr.  Fırat Purtaş extended his gratitude to artists and intellectuals of Gagauzia (Moldova) for their active contribution to events organized by  TURKSOY to promote Turkic culture and art. Mr. Purtaş who stressed that it is thanks to the joint efforts of Turkic peoples that the rich cultural heritage of the Turkic World can be preserved and transmitted to future generations also said that TURKSOY will further pursue its fruitful  cooperation with Gagauzia through its support provided to artists, painters,  libraries and other intellectuals. 
The Deputy Mayor of Etimesgut Mr. Alaattin Sonat who attended the meeting on behalf of the Municipality of Etimesgut which provided the informatic and technical infrastructure extended his gratitude to the people of Gagauzia for its hospitality. Mr. Sonat also said that the many similarities between Gagauz and Turkic language and traditions also strongly contribute to the further development of the cooperation between  Turkey and Gagauzia.
Mrs. Marina Semenova who extended her gratitude to TURKSOY for its contribution to the organization of many cultural events in Gagauzia also said that these events carried out by TURKSOY  strongly contribute to introduce Gagauzia not only  to Turkic peoples but also to the world in general. Mrs. Semenova who said that within 20 years of mutual cooperation between Gagauzia and TURKSOY, countless events have been carried out, hence contributing to major steps being taken towards the preservation,development  and enrichment of cultural values of the Gagauz people.
In the meeting, it was further decided that  the function of Chairperson of the TURKSOY Research Center of the Komrat University shall be assumed by Mrs. Tatyana Shegolova, the Director of the Culture and Art Department of the University, active participant of TURKSOY's events and violinist.

The International Organization of Turkic Culture TURKSOY establishes TURKSOY centers within universities of TURKSOY member countries. Indeed, TURKSOY Centers had previously been established  in other universities of the Turkic World as well such as the Al-Farabi University  of Kazakhstan, the State University of Pedagogical Studies of Azerbaijan and the Eastern Mediterranean University of the TRNC.  
Following the  cooperation protocol  signed by TURKSOY and the State Universşty of Komrat at the 4th World Congress of Gagauz People held in Komrat on May 6th, 2017, it had been decided that a  TURKSOY Center shall be established within the State University of  Komrat.

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