Promotion of the book "Turkic Soundscapes: From Shamanic Voices to Hip Hop” in London

Friday, 09 March 2018

With the contribution of the International Organization of Turkic Culture  TURKSOY, a promotional event on the book dealing with the diversity of the music culture of the Turkic World,  "Turkic Soundscapes: From Shamanic Voices to Hip Hop”  took place in London.


Hence, in line with its commitment to explore the rich cultural heritage of the Turkic World and transmit it to future generations, TURKSOY added yet another contribution to the promotion of the music of Turkic peoples. The promotional event on this book by Prof. Razia Sultanova and Dr. Megan Rancier published with the contribution of TURKSOY and the Embassy of Kazakhstan in London under the SOAS Musicology Series was organized by the Yunus Emre Institute of London.

The promotional event held in London gathered TURKSOY Secretary General Prof. Dusen Kasseinov along with the Ambassador of  Kazakhstan to the United Kingdom Erlan Idrisov and the Director of the Yunus Emre Institute of London Dr. Mehmet Karakus along with many scholars, students and guests.

In the opening speech he delivered, Dr. Mehmet Karakus extended his gratitude to the editors and authors of the book for their precious contribution to the accomplishment of this long-awaited publication and expressed his happiness to be hosting this event on behalf of the Yunus Emre Institute.

TURKSOY Secretary General Prof. Dusen Kasseinov who also delivered a speech said that since its establishment as an international organization in 1993, TURKSOY has been carrying out activities to preserve and promote Turkic culture. Prof. Kasseinov who stressed that within this framework, TURKSOY is cooperating with all institutions and organizations in Turkic republics, said that this book is also the result of this joint cooperation. Prof. Kasseinov who further underlined that activties carried out by TURKSOY are strengthening the ties of brotherhood among its member countries, said that in this respect, this book is of particular importance and expressed his happiness as to its publication.

In the speech he delivered at the event, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to London H. E. Erlan Idrissov said that as a region of the world which was isolated for many years, Central Asia and its culture have enjoyed increased recognition and visibility for the last 20 years. Ambassador Idrissov who also said that the preparation of this book financially supported by TURKSOY and  the Embassy of Kazakhstan to London took 5 years and was made possible thanks to the contribution of 11 experts along with its two editors Prof. Razia Sultanova and Dr. Megan Rancier.

Prof. Sultanova extended her gratitude to the Yunus Emre Institute of London and its staff members  for hosting the event.

Later on,  the SOAS Musicology Editor Prof. Keith Howard,  Prof. John Rink (Cambridge University), Prof. John Baily  (Goldsmiths College), Prof. Tina Ramnarine (Royal Holloway University) and Prof. Sergei Abashin also took the floor tos hare their views on this publication. 

The promotional event ended with a short concert featuring performances of Turkic folk music by  Sardor Mirzahodjaev, Rasim Faiziev, Erlan Ryskaly and Rahima Mahmut.