Melis Mamajanov won the "Five Poets" competition

Thursday, 01 March 2018

The winner of the 5th phase of the "Five Poets" competition in Kyrgyzstan has been the young poet  Melis Mamajanov.

The last phase of the competition held in different age categories featured young poets under 30 years of age. While the opening speeches of the competition were delivered by  TURKSOY Secretary General  Prof. Dusen Kasseinov, the Chairman of the Authors' Union of Kyrgyzstan Akbar Ryskulov and the Ambassador of  Azerbaijan to Bishkek H. E. Hidayet Orucov, young poets of Kyrgyzstan who took part in the competition were  Myrzaiym Aitimbetova, Ryskul Izatova, Cholpon Orozalieva, Bekbolot Sarybaiev and Melis Mamajanov.

In the competition, poets were given 5 different tasks. They first had to read two poems which they wrote themselves. The second task was to translate a poem by the Altai People's peot Boris Ukachin into Kyrgyz language. Then a song composed on each competitor's poem was performed by an artist. The fourth task assigned to the competitors was to show their talents other than poetry. Finally competitors had to read the latest  poem they wrote and they were asked some questions by the jury.

The competition also featured poem readings and music performances. State artists of Kyrgyzstan Kerim Turapov, Kanykei Eralyiev and the famous singer  Askat Musabekov cheered up the audience with their colourful performances. 

Upon evaluation of the jury, the winner of the 5th phase of the "Five Poets" competition held among competitiors aged 30 and below was announced: Melis Mamajanov.

The “Five Poets” project  was launched within the framework of the cooperation among TURKSOY, the Authors' Union of Kyrgyzstan  and the Radio and Television Institution of Kyrgyzstan (KTRK) in 2015.  The competition which was then held a second time with the contribution of the  ELTR television in 2017 ended with its 5th and last phase held today.  

At the end of the event, the winners of the first prizes in five different age categories Gulcamile Shakirova, Saltanat Orozbekova, Mayrambek Toktorov, Umar Nusubaliev and Melis Mamajanov were handed over the medal of TURKSOY dedicated to Yusuf Khass Balasagun, along with certtificates and money prizes by TURKSOY Secretary General Dusen Kasseinov.     

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