Scholarships awarded to students of the Department of TURKSOY

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The International Organization of Turkic Culture TURKSOY awarded scholarships to students of the Department of TURKSOY of the Al-Farabi Kazak National University.

The scholarship of TURKSOY which is awarded once in order to encourage and financially support successful students of the TURKSOY Faculty  was handed over to their winners by the Rector of the  Al-Farabi Kazak National University Galymkaiyr Mutanov and the Representative of  Kazakhstan to TURKSOY Askar Turganbayev. 

The list of the students who received the scholarship of TURKSOY is as follows:

1.      Elsulu TURSINJANKIZI - Turkish Translation - 1st year student

2.      Dinara ADILBAYEVA- Oriental Studies- 2nd year student

3.      Aygerim TOYBOLDI - Turcology - 1st year student

4.      Madina MAKSUTOVA- Turcology - 2nd year student

5.      Ayaulım SAGINDIK- Turkish Teaching - 1st year student

As every year, young, successful and dynamic students selected among students of the TURKSOY Department were handed over their  Award Certificates. The ceremony ended with a group photograph taken as a remembrance of the day.

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