The Day of the Independence of Kazakhstan was celebrated in Sakarya

Monday, 18 December 2017

The Day of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan was celebrated on December 15th-16th, 2017 with a ceremony and concert organized by  Kazak students of the  Sakarya University.

The ceremony and concert organized in cooperation with the Sakarya University took plce in the Culture and Congress Center of the latter and gathered  the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan  to Ankara  H. E.  Abzal Saparbekulı, the Governor of Sakarya Irfan Balkanlıoğlu, the Rector of the Sakarya University Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas and the Representative of Kazakhstan to  TURKSOY Askar Turganbayev. 

The second concert held within the framework of events to celebrate the Day of Independence of Kazakhstan  took place in the Culture and Congress Center of the Munbicipality of  Serdivan  on December 16th, 2017. The concert gathered the Mayor of Serdivan  Yusuf Alemdar, the Representative of Kazakhstan to TURKSOY  Askar Turganbayev and the Deputy Mayor of the Province and District of Almaty Gabit Sembiyev.

The concert featured poem readings as well as colourful dance and music performances of the "Sarytaukum" Orchestra of Folk Instruments from Almaty, the famous composer Beşer Ahmet and Prof. Dr. Cihan Yurtcı from Istanbul, the Turkish dombra player  Sedat Solakoğlu and students from Kazakhstan. At the event, young Kazak artists wearing their traditional garments offered some typical dishes of Kazak cuisine to the spectators of the concert.

There are currently 45 Kazak students who study at the Sakarya University. For the last three years, these students have been organizing various activities to celebrate the Day of Independence of Kazakhstan.