TURKSOY Secretary General handed over the 25th Anniversary Medal of Kazakhstan to the Mayor of Kecioren Mr. Mustafa Ak

Thursday, 12 October 2017

On behalf of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Secretary General of the International Organization of Turkic Culture TURKSOY, Ambassador Dusen Kasseinov extended the Medal of the 25th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Mayor of Kecioren Mr. Mustafa Ak.

The ceremony which took place in the Assembly Hall of the Municipal Building of Kecioren  gathered Ambassador  Kasseinov and the Mayor Mr. Mustafa  Ak along with the Representative of Azerbaijan to TURKSOY Mr.  Elchin Gafarlı, the Representatibve of Kazakhstan to TURKSOY Mr.  Askar Turganbayev, the Representative of Kyrgyzstan to TURKSOY Mr. Kojogeldi Kuluyev, the Head of Department of TURKSOY Mr. Sancar Mulazımoglu and the District Governor of Kecioren Mr. Uğur Bulut along with members of the City Council of Kecioren Belediye and other officials.

Following the reading of Mr. Nazarbayey's order to award the above-mentioned medal to the Mayor of Kecioren Mr. Mustafa Ak,  Ambassador Kasseinov  delivered a speech in which he extended his gratitude to Mr. Ak and the citizens of Kecioren for their strong interest in Turkic culture and art. Mr. Kasseinov further said: "Together, we have carried out many events. We inaugurated the statue and park of the great Kazak poet  Suyinbay, we participated in Ramadan celebrations which have been organized for many years and we commemorated illustrious personalities of the Turkic World. Thanks to the fruiful cooperation between TURKSOY and the municipality of Kecioren, we have also paid tribute to the famous Kazak poets  Abay, Magjan and Jambyl with a statue of street named after them."  Mr. Kasseinov ended his speech saying that Mr. Mustafa Ak is the only Mayor  to have been awarded   the Medal of the 25th Anniversdary of the Indpependence of Kazakhstan by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Nazarbayev in recognition of his contribution to Turkic culture.

The Mayor of Kecioren Mr. Mustafa Ak stressed his happiness to be one of only 6 persons from Turkey to have bee awarded this medal upon decision of the 
President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Nazarbayev. Mr. Ak further said: "We have been cooperating with the Secretary General of TURKSOY, Ambassador Kasseinov for 8 years. He has provided his support to us in many of our cultural activities including Nevruz and Ramadan celebrations. We have also cooperated with eachother in the organization of various cultural events in the Balkans and in Asia. The Presidents of the Republics of Kazakhstan and Turkey have provided us great support through their actvities and friendship. It is with great happiness that we as the Municipality of Kecioren have contributed to the friendship between Turkey and Kazakhstan... I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan  for honouring us with this medal which I accept on behalf of all citizens of Kecioren. We will further contribute to the strengthening and development of ties among Turkey, Kazakhstan and the Turkic World."

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