Painters of the Turkic World came together in Turkistan

Thursday, 17 August 2017
The 20th Painters' Gathering of TURKSOY  which is one of the important activities carried out by TURKSOY every year has started in  Turkistan, the Cultural Capital of the Turkis World. The gathering which takes place in the hometown of the great philosopher of the Turkic World, Khoja Akhmet Yassawi is held with the contribution of 25 painters from 15 countries including 11 painters from Kazakhstan.
Within the framework of the gathering, a press conference was held in  the presence of the Director of Cultural Affairs of the Governorate of the Province of Southern Kazakhstan Nurbolat Kadyruli in the Office of the Governor. In the press conference, further information was given regarding  painters from Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Autonomous Republics of the Russian Federation  Khakassia, Yakutia, Chuvashia, Gagauzia (Moldova), the TRNC, Ukraine, Bosnia Herzegovina and Bulgaria as well as concerning activities which will take place within the framework of the gathering which will last until August 22nd, 2017.

In the speech he delivered at the meeting, Mr. Nurbolat Kadyruli stressed the gathering will be an opportunity for  painters of the Turkic World to depict the beautiful province of Southern Kazakhstan and said: "The main aim of this Painters' Gathering of TURKSOY is to introduce the traditions and customs of the independent Kazak people as well as the beautiful landscapes, sacred monuments, history and art of Kazakhstan to the world." 

Following the press conference, painters of the Turkic World travelled to Turkistan where they started painting the Shrine of Khoja Akhmet Yassawi and the historical monuments around it. Famous painters of the Turkic World who made colourful paintings in Turkistan stressed the fact that it is an exciting and enrichening experience for them to participate in this gathering.

Within the framework of the 20th Painters' Gathering of TURKSOY, painters of the Turkic World will attend various events which will allow them to depict the historical monuments and natural landscapes of Turkistan, the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World as well as of various regions of Kazakhstan. The gathering will end with an exhibition featuring paintings resulting from the gathering on August 22nd, 2017 . 

The Painters' Gathering of TURKSOY

Shortly after its establishment, the International Organization of Turkic Culture, TURKSOY, started carrying out activities to promote works by artists of the Turkic World and foster mutual exchanges of experience among them. It is based on this commitment that TURKSOY launched its  Painters’ Gathering  as a workshop giving artists of the Turkic World the opportunity to further contribute to the  preservation of our rich cultural heritage through their colourful paintings.

Painters’  Gatherings of TURKSOY which have been held every year since 1997 have brought together nearly three hundred talented painters and resulted in approximately 1500 paintings. Nearly all of these paintings are currently part of TURKSOY’s collection.

These paintings have been displayed in nearly hundred mixed and individual  exhibitions held in prestigious cultural venues around the world, thus, contributing to the worldwide promotion of  talented artists of the Turkic World and introducing our rich cultural heritage to the world.

Every year, paintings by artists who take part in the Painters’ Gathering of TURKSOY are submitted to a jury which determines the winner of the “Painting Award of TURKSOY”.

In line with its commitment to explore, develop and promote our common culture worldwide TURKSOY will further carry out its activities with the valuable contribution of painters of the Turkic World.