The award winning Youth Chamber Choir of TURKSOY has started rehearsing with new members

Wednesday, 02 August 2017
Gathering 35 young singers from conservatories of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey, the Youth Chamber Choir of TURKSOY which is the common voice of the Turkic World has begun rehearsing.

The choir which was established in 2015 and won 3 gold medals at the European Choir Games in the same year is pursuing its activities with new singers who joined the choir this year.

In the meeting gathering members of the choir in TURKSOY Headquarters, the Deputy Secretary General of TURKSOY  Fırat Purtaş gave some information on activities to be carried out by the choir this year.
Mr. Purtas stressed his belief in the fact that the choir will give many other successful concerts with its new members this year. Indeed, the Youth Chamber Choir of TURKSOY  will take the scene at the opening event of the Anatolian Festival of Etimesgut this year which is a festival attended by a very large audience of ten thousand people. Besides, the choir will also record an album.
Mr. Purtas further mentioned that the gala concert of the choir is planned to take place on August 14th and added that this concert will be dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birthday of the famous Kazak composer Bakytjan Baikadamov. 
Prof. Dr. Purtaş who said  youth projects carried out by TURKSOY are particularly successful in  strengthening ties of friendship  among  artists from various countries of the Turkic World while fostering  their mutual cooperation, also informed young artists of the Chamber Choir  about the tour of the Youth Chamber Orchestra of TURKSOY in the Balkans.
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