Visit of Composers of the Turkic World to TURKSOY

Monday, 29 May 2017

TURKSOY's 2nd Gathering of Composers started in the Art Village of the Turkic World built in Bolu, Seben at the foothills of the Carved Rock Houses used by Phrygians in 1200 BC.

The construction of the Art Village within the framework of the project carried out in cooperation of TURKSOY with the municipality of Bolu Seben had been finalized last month and each of the houses were named after a composer of the Turkic World. Upon completion of the infrastructure necessary, the  Art Village of the Turkic World welcomed its first guests from the Turkic World.

Composers from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and autonomous republics of the Russian Federation Bashkortostan and Tatarstan who came to Turkey to participate in the project to be carried out from May 26th to June 10th, 2017  visited TURKSOY Headquarters on May 28th, 2017.

During their visit, composers of the Turkic World exchanged views about music education and composition and extended their gratitude to TURKSOY for the organization of this gathering.

The First Gathering of Composers of the Turkic World had taken place in  Safranbolu. Besides making it possible for composers of the Turkic World to compose new works and mutually exchange their experiences, the Second Gathering of Composers of the Turkic World will also be an opportunity for them to get acquainted with Turkish composers.

Ambassador  Kasseinov: We must make sure to  preserve our traditional music while developing it

TURKSOY Secretary General Dusen Kaseinov who delivered the opening speech of the event said: "We are happy to be welcoming you at the second Gathering of Composers of TURKSOY. This gathering takes place in the Art Village of the Turkic World built in cooperation of the municipalities of Bolu and Seben. As such, it is a unique project worldwide. I believe that this village will be an example followed by many countries and cities. Bringing our composers together to introduce them to eachother is of paramount importance, as they are the ones who inspire people's feelings and thoughts with their art and bring them closer together through their awareness of our common cultural heritage. The closer they get acquainted with eachother and with our common culture, the more they will contribute to the rapprochement of our peoples. We insist on the universal character of music on every occasion, but our priority must be to consolidate the position of our traditional music within universal music and to strengthen its presence and influence therein. I believe this  Art Village of the Turkic World built by the municipalites of Bolu and Seben will  be a strong contribution to the preservation and development of our cultural heritage.’’

Participants of TURKSOY's Second Gathering of Composers were: Ilham Azmanlı from Azerbaijan,  Beybit Daldenbay from Kazakhstan, Muratbek Begaliyev and  Nurlan Isakov from Kyrgyzstan,  Mesruh Savaş from Turkey,  Rovşan Nepesov from Turkmenistan,  Virineya Likhacheva from Bashkortostan (RF) and Alsu Sungatullina from Tatarstan (RF).