14th Photographers’ Gathering of TURKSOY in Turkistan

Tuesday, 02 May 2017

The 14th Photographers’ Gathering of the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TURKSOY)  organized in cooperation of the Directorate of Southern Kazakhstan for Cultural Affairs with the Governorate of the province of Turkistan and the Folk Art Center and Museum of Visual Arts  took place between May 16th-22nd, 2017 in Turkistan, the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2017.

The opening ceremony of the gathering which was held for the first time in the Center of Folk Arts of Chimkent in the presence of journalists  took place in the presence of the Deputy Governor of Southern Kazakhstan Ulasbek Sadibekov and brought together 15 photographers from Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, the TRNC  and Tatarstan (RF) along with many guests.

The Deputy Governor of Turkistan Mr. U. Sadibekov who delivered a speech at the event held in the historical, cultural and ethnographic center of the city  stressed that photographers play a key role in recording the evolution of society throughout history and added: “Photography is apecial kind of art used to express ideas through images. As such, photography is also used in the field of journalism. It is the story of a short moment. The art of photography requires particular attentiveness, agility and skillfulness. Thus, photos taken by Professional photographers speak for themselves. Today’s gathering of photographers has brought together the best photographers of the Turkic World who  tell us a whole story in a single photograph”.

Mr. Sadibekov further stressed that the event plays a key role in introducing the city of Turkistan to the World and said: “The aim of this gathering is to promote the talent and creativity of photographers of the Turkic World through their works depicting the historical and cultural heritage of our independent country and its  architectural monuments, traditions, customs, historical sites and beautiful nature.”  Mr. Sadibekov said that photographers of the Turkic World split into four groups to take photos of the historical and cultural heritage of the region and added that photos resulting from the gathering will be displayed in an exhibition entitled “Turkistan Through the Lens of Photographers of the Turkic World”.

Mrs. Guler Fedai who took the floor on behalf of  TURKSOY said that the International Organization of Turkic Culture carries out activities to introduce the rich cultural heritage of Turkic republics as well as their traditional and contemporary arts to the World. Mrs. Fedai further said that TURKSOY’s Gathering of Photographers aims at contributing to the enrichment of the contemporary art of photography and introduce the talent of Turkic photographers to the World.  Mrs. Fedai also added these gatherings do not only help introducing the history, culture, people and landscapes of places where they are carried out to all TURKSOY member countries, but also play a key role in documenting and transmitting the cultural heritage of the Turkic World to future generations  through photos taken by Professional photographers. Mrs. Fedai who stressed that Photographers’ Gatherings of TURKSOY have been carried out 13 times up to now also gave further information as to the dates, venues and countries of origin of participants of previous photographers’ gatherings of TURKSOY and extended her gratitude to all institutions and organizations for their valuable contribution to these gatherings on behalf of TURKSOY and its  Secretary General Dusen Kasseinov.

During the  gathering which lasted 7 days, photographers  split into 4 groups and took pictures of all historical places and monuments of the region.  While the first group went to  Turkistan, Kentau, Otyrar and Karatau and the second group took pictures in Saryagas, Kazygurt and Jetisay, the third group shot photos in Sozak and Baydibek and the fourth group took pictures in the regions of Tulkibas, Tole bi and Sayram. 100 photos resulting from the 14th Photographers’ Gathering of TURKSOY hosted by the Governor of Kentau were then displayed in an exhibition held in the Folk Art Center and Museum of Visual Arts in Chimkent on April 21st, 2017. The exhibition raised great interest was visited by a large number or citizens.

In the speech he delivered at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the Governor of Southern Kazakhstan  Mr. Janseyit Tuymebayev expressed his happiness to welcome TURKSOY staff members in Turkistan as well as his confidence as to the fact that the gathering will be successfully carried out and contribute to the promotion of Turkistan through photographs of its beautiful historical sites and monuments. At the end of the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the Governor of Southern Kazakhstan  extended his gratitude to each of the photographers and handed over plaquettes and souvenirs to them in recognition of their precious contribution to the event through their work.  

The Photographers’ Gathering of TURKSOY which has been carried out every year since 2004 has taken place in Turkey and abroad and resulted in the publication of catalogues as contribution to the archives of both TURKSOY and countries of the Turkic World where the gathering was held.