Amaliya Panahova's 70th Birthday celebrated in Azerbaijan

Monday, 27 July 2015

The 70th birthday of the State Artist and famous theatre and cinema actress of Azerbaijan, Amaliya Panahova was celebrated on July 3rd, 2015 in an event especially organized in Baku by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan.

Amaliya Panahova who is a famous theatre actress of Azerbaijan was 19 years old when she took the scene for the first time. The actress who celebrated her 70th birthday with great joy and enthusiasm devoted 50 years of her life to the promotion and development of the culture of Azerbaijan. Panahova who acted in more than 300 theatre plays, cinema and television films from 1964 onwards, performed various roles such as Tomris, Natavan, Medea, Burla Hatun, Mehseti, Larisa, and Ophelia. Besides, the great actress who has been admired by the audience for her exquisite performance of these roles has also been the Art Director of more than 10 theatre plays throughout her career.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of Amaliya Panahova is her organizational talent. Indeed, Panahova who established the Municipal Theatre of Baku in 1992, devoted her know-how and experience to talented actors of both the middle-aged and young generation to help them develop their creativity. As a result of her devotion and successful work in this regard, Panahova has received the proposal to work as a teacher at the State University of  Azerbaijan for Culture and Art where she is still assuming this duty.

The event dedicated to the celebration of Amaliya Panahova's 70th birthday took place under the motto "Amaliya's Confession of Love" and featured a photography exhibition giving guests  the opportunity to get an insight into her life and work.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Ebulfes Garayev who delivered a speech at the celebration event and said that Amaliya Panahova is one of the most beautiful actresses of Azerbaijan also talked about Amaliya Panahova's unique quest of creativity which brought her to create many different characters.  The Minister of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Ebulfes Garayev  who congratulated Amaliya Panahova on behalf of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan presented the "Honorary Diploma of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan" to her in recognition of her valuable contribution to the development of the culture of Azerbaijan.

The Representative of the Republic of Azerbaijan to TURKSOY, Elçin Gafarlı,  who attended the event on behalf of TURKSOY Secretary General  Dusen Kaseinov also delivered a speech in which he communicated the congratulation message of TURKSOY Secretary General to Mrs. Panahova and handed over a plaquette to her  in recognition of her  contribution to the development and promotion of Turkic culture along with the Haldun Taner Medal especially prepared for the year 2015 dedicated to the commemoration of the famous Turkish plawright and author  Haldun Taner by TURKSOY.

The opening speeches were followed by short performances of some extracts from plays where Mrs. Panahova had previously taken the scene. The celebration event ended with an unforgettable concert.