Great Success for M. Tulebayev's Birjan and Sarah

Great Success for M. Tulebayev's Birjan and Sarah

Monday, 16 June 2014

"Birjan and Sarah", the opera of the famous Kazak composer  Mukan Tulebayev is on tour in Turkey.

The masterpiece was first  performed at the Leyla Gencer Opera and Culture Center within the framework of the 5th International Opera Festival of Istanbul  on June 13th, 2014, prior to Bursa on June 16th, 2014, Eskisehir, the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2013  on June 18th, 2014 and Ankara, the capital of Turkey on June   20th,  2014. 

The performances of this opera composed by Mukan Tulebayev on the libretto by  Kajım Jumaliyev will take place with the contribution of famous artists from Turkic republics along with artists of the State Opera and Ballet of Samsun as well as its choir and orchestra under  Tolga TAVIS as conductor.

The art director of this project realized with the contribution of guest artists from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Bashkortostan(RF), Tatarstan (RF) and Turkey  is Prof. Dr. Eflatun Niemetzade, who is also known for his brilliant projects such as the "Koroghlu” and "Alpamıs” Operas among many other common projects of the Turkic World.

This famous opera which has been the voice of Kazak culture and art  since its composition is being performed in Turkey for the first time within the framework of "2013 the Year of Mukan Tulebayev" declared as such by TURKSOY.

"Birjan and Sarah" is undoubdtedly a unique  chef-d'oeuvre whch gives an insight into Kazak, literature, culture and art.

For detailed information please visit our website:  or contact us  under: +90 312 491 0100. 

Dates and venues of performances

Eskisehir : June 18th, 2014, 08.00 p.m.

Venue: Eskisehir Ataturk Culture and Art Congress Center

*Free entrance.

Ankara: June 20th, 2014, 08.00 p.m.

Venue: State Opera and Ballet / Ulus

*Free entrance. RSVP: 0312 491 0100

Mukan Tulebayev's BIRJAN AND SARAH

Libretto : Kajım JUMALİYEVA

 Conductor: Tolga TAVIS

Art Director: Prof. Dr. Eflatun NEİMETZADE

Scenery/setting: Erlan TUYAKOV

Costume: Esengeldi TUYAKOV

Chorister: Mikhail ISKROV

Choreographer: Tursinbek NURKALİYEV

Light: O. Murat YILMAZ



Scenery 1

People of the Kazak village of Koyanlı  gather in the center of the village to listen to the duet of  Birjan and Sara who are both  poets and singers. The governor Vali Janbota comes to the Market of Koyanlı together with his daughter  Altınay,  his brother Jiyenkul and his guards. Janbota’s  brother Jiyenkul wants to mary Sarah and take her as his fourth wife. But in their duet, Birjan and Sarah mention this, so Janbota interrupts them and  threatens  Birjan with his guards who attack him. As Birjan and the people watching them react to this attack, Janbota and his guards leave the market place. The people rejoice and are happy to see that Birjan and Sarah are safe.


Scenery 2

Birjan stands alone near a lake  and sings odes to Sarah. Wisemen of the village come and warn him, saying that Janbota is a dangerous man and that he should be careful. Birjan's parents are also worried. Janbota's daughter   Altınay who is in love with Birjan tries to seduce him and tells him that unless he does not let go off Sarah, her father, janbota will send him into exile. However, Birjan does not care. While Birjan and Sarah promise one another that they will be faithful to eachother  Janbota and his guards enter the scene. Janbota  forces Birjan to make a decision. Birjan must  either surrender to him and abandon his dombra or die. The people protest against this menace. As Janbota's guards torture Birjan, Janbota and his people abduct Sarah.

* An instrument of Turkic peoples frequently played in Kazakhstan.


Scenery 1

While preparations are under way for the wedding of Sarah and  Jiyenkul, Sarah tells  Jiyenkul that she will never be his wife. Birjan suddenly comes.  Jiyenkul turns mad and calls the guards who arrest Birjan while Jiyenkul takes Sarah away. 


Scenery 2

Birjan is emprisoned and tortured. In his suffering, he dreams of Sarah. Altınay who did everything to separate the lovers from one another  is feeling guilty for what she did and tries to show her compassion with Birjan. Serik, the governor's guard falls asleep while waiting in front of the cell where Birjan is emprisoned. So Sarah comes and makes a proposal to Birjan: they both shall fight for their love against all odds and die together. Jiyenkul comes,  attacks Serik, the sleeping guard and orders a trial to be held for  Birjan. Jiyenkul’s brother,   Jambota, the Governor immediately orders the trial to take place. Birjan is sentenced to  death.